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What I've discovered over the years is that there are a lotta John Hurts out there in the country. Or at least there were.


I've run into many rural musicians, farmers and such, who did a lot of pretty decent quality playing in the '30s and such, perhaps with recordings or live radio performances, but who dropped out of the scene around WWII. In the '60s and '70s various sorts of circumstances brought them back into performing one way or another.


Hurt was a real self-taught talent - although "self taught" in ways is a misnomer when guys all would watch each other play whatever they knew and learned that way.


No insult to him at all in any manner, shape or form - I really like his material and style - I think he's one of the luckier ones who got "rediscovered" and widely recognized. My only point is that there were a lotta these guys; we've lost most of 'em; and sadly that sort of generation ain't likely to happen again.



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