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Needle In A Haystack - Looking for my old guitars


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When I was a kid back in Texas in the 70s, "Vintage" guitars really weren't "vinatge" yet. As such I had a bunch of really nice guitars I bought - and now wish I had held onto.


Now I know this seems like sacrilege, but I was young & dumb at the time - and thought I'd own these guitars for life, so I took an engraving tool and engraved my Texas Drivers License number on the back of the headstock of these guitars. I know its very unlikely I will ever cross paths with these guitars again, but I thought, hey - the internet is a big place so why not ask.


So if by chance any of you know of the following guitars with "TX DL # ****9442" engraved on the back of the head stock (just gave the last 4 digits here, but I put all 8 on the guitar), I'd be tickled to know where they ended up.


1968 Les Paul Custom (black)

1968 Les Paul Custom (black - 3 pickups)

1963 Fender Strat (natural - it had been refinished)

1937 Gibson L7

1958 Gibson ES-150

1958 Gibson ES-125

1970 Martin D-18

1955 Gibson BR9 lap steel

1976 Dobro (stainless steel body with Hawaiian etchings, square neck)

1960 Supro (white)

and maybe some others that I can't remember - probably some early 70s Strats and Teles and perhaps a Guild clone of an SG.



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