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AJ Ray

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My 2001 gibson j50 has the white button gotohs. I would like to change these to grovers that come on the standard model. Does anyone know if there will be an issue with pin holes etc. I dont want to be drilling too many holes and weakening the wood on the headstock


Cheers for help

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There are lots of folks here who know more about this than I do, but I can tell you two things I learned recently from swapping the stock Grovers for a set of Waverlies:


1) The Grovers have only one screw hole, so if there are 2 screw holes holding the Gotohs in place, you might have an extra screw hole in the back.

2) The Grover has a pretty wide post hole -- when swapping to the Waverly I had to install it with an extra bushing so that the Waverly post fit snugly. I don't know if the Gotoh's post is more similar to the Waverly or the Grover, but you might wind up needing to widen the post hole, which would be a pain.


Having said all that, I wouldn't worry too much about weakening the wood -- compared to the size of the headstock, very little wood is being taken away. My bigger concern would be the difficulty of widening holes, and potentially having to fill in extra screw holes.


Good luck!

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