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I see he got some fashion advice from Paul Stanley....[flapper]


There's absolutely nothing wrong with him having a signature LP. But to call it the "Spaceman" LP is pretty ridiculous. Regardless of the name, it looks like a sweet guitar. Incidentally, I had a similar idea before I saw him with a silver-sparkle LP. Same color, black back, etc (loosely based on the Bonamassa models).


Is it coincidental that he got an Epi and Ace got a Gibson? Tommy=poor man's Ace, Epi=poor man's Gibson.


Mind you, I actually think he is a good guitar player, but any credibility he had is ruined by him wearing Ace's paint and copying his licks. That, and KISS is so not-genuine nowadays. The new album is pretty good (better than Sonic Boom by a longshot). But out of all the KISS-related studio albums that have come out in the last few years (including Bruce Kulick's BK3, which, despite Bruce's guitar skills, lacked some IMHO.), Anomaly wins for me, even if it had some cheesy moments, like the spoken-word part in "A Little Below The Angels" (it's as cheesy as "Dolls" from the first Frehley's Comet album). He should of had a comedic song called "A Little Belower Than My Waist Area".....I can't even talk about Peter Criss's post-KISS efforts, they speak for themselves...


It's sad that KISS finally realized that they do better with no outside help and different ideas. At the end of the day, KISS will always be a simple, balls-out jerk off band. I mean, their best albums (song-wise, not production-wise) were written by the band themselves, and had no outside musicians or "busy" producers (Bob Ezrin: Great producer, but he ain't a KISS producer.). The cheesy songs they did in their "hair era" were co-written by Desmond Child most of the time. And as far as session players go, fans want Gene Paul Peter and Ace, not Gene Paul Bob Kulick and Anton Fig. If a guy in the band can't cop the feel, then you shouldn't do the song. There's many songs that Gene didn't even play bass on.


Yeah, I'll buy it...

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LOL. Perhaps he could also stand in as the Starchild at some point.


Gene and Paul say that KISS can go on without them. I can sorta agree (it's easy rock n' roll and it's an act...it's not like it is Zeppelin or Rush we're dealing with here), but otherwise I think they should live on as the legend, plus through people still playing their music. Anyhow, I'm pretty sure Gene will put his son on salary and send him out dressed as the Demon while he reaps the benefits while rotting away in his office. Paul's son is a pretty kickass blues cat, but I cannot see him being in KISS. He could pull of an Electric Flag tribute, though...(he's got the Bloomfield "jewfro" goin' on...)


Thing is, Simmons and Stanley are also CEOs. Thayer and Singer are their employees. Those two are nowhere near as rich as the other two. Gene and Paul are the only partners left, as Bill Aucoin was out of the loop thirty years ago. In the meantime between the early 80s and the reunion, Ace and Peter blew all their money and sold their makeup rights and stuff to Gene and Paul. KISS made hair rock, Peter Criss made subpar solo records, and Ace made great records.

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