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Welcome to a parallel universe and a Bird that never was seen.


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Some memories of the last Lennon record procedure. A rather weird electric Sardonyx – never seen it before – wonder what it's like.

But what really puzzles me is the memory of the Hummingbird.

In fact I doubt the speaker - producer Jack Douglas. Think he mistakes the Bird for the well-known Ovation (of which John possibly had 2).

Rather amateurish for the leader of such heavy - dare I say historic - session.




1980 - LennonDoubleFantasy.jpg

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Very interesting .

Thanks for posting.

I'll be sure to through the LP on the turntable later today. ( Yes I still have some vinyl left [blush] )

I also have my vinyl from when it first came (before John's fall).

But bought the Stipped Down version on CD recently. It almost the same album, just boiled down to basics.

Highly interesting if you know and like the original, , , and want to get real close to Lennon's vocals.

He gives all he can (like he always did), sings very well and the naked tracks/record might even be better than the quite overproduced first one.

The Sardonyx should be there to find.


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