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  1. Ok I really didn’t expect this . Here’s a guy who has owned and sold 2 J45’s .one a TV . A Woody Guthrie Sj and an Advanced Jumbo. So a Gibson slope shoulder void for a few years brought me to a J35 I found used in a music store I frequent . Walked in with absolutely no intention of buying a guitar ,but there it was.... Played it for 30-40 mins and walked home with it .This was 6 months ago and my god I can’t believe how I’ve bonded with this instrument. What a great guitar this is . The percussive thump the slope Gibson’s are noted for with the loud resonant dry projection a mahogany Dreadnought is cherished for . Call me happy, smitten and totally in love with my J35 .
  2. I’m liking the Martin Monels light gauge 12-54. They are actually called Retro, as the Tony Rice set are called Monels. Sound vey percussive as they age . Gibson need to offer an alternative as it feels strange stringing my Gibson with Martin Stings . LOL
  3. Finally put some Monels on my J-35. Martin Retro light gauge. Day two and my impressions are very favourable. Nice percussive woody sound while still maintaining good note separation . So, Phosphor Bronze were good. 80-20’s died way too soon . ( IMO) We’ll see how these Monel’s sound and feel after prolonged use.
  4. Anybody try Monel strings on their J-35’s? At least Those that feel the guitar actually lives up to Gibson’s standards.
  5. When you find a guitar that ticks all your boxes that you have identfied as a great acoustic guitar buy it ! It’s amazing how we often come across these Holy Grails when we least expect it. Nothing worse than finding the one,thinking i’ll Go back on the weekend to get it and find out...... ITS GONE !!!.
  6. For what it’s worth I’ve been trying different strings ( all light gauge ) . I just ordered some Martin Monels to try . I’ve read some favourable reviews so I’ll see for myself .
  7. Very much agree with your last paragraph.
  8. RIP Mr. Tork I used to run home from school when I was a kid just so I could watch their show on TV .
  9. Nice acquisition on the Northern SJ .. A real nice guitar .
  10. Not obscure but definitely a musician’s favourite. Just in case you haven’t heard any of his personal releases, check out Buddy Miller .
  11. Funny enough I’ve owned a Standard J-45, a vintage J-45, a Southern Jumbo, and an Advanced Jumbo, and this J-35 I picked up is ticking all the right boxes for me . Every guitar mentioned had its qualities but as fate would have it I’m down to one Gibson and very happy with it .
  12. Went for a visit to my local Long & McQuade today and they had a used 2015 model . What jumped out at me was how nicely the spruce top has aged with a noticeable darker patina .Strings were deader than door nails but it played well and still sounded pretty good.
  13. Really enjoying my J-35 . I prefer the sound with strings that have been used a bit. 45-60 mins of playing or so. I’m also quite impressed with the wonderful projection obtained while finger picking,and crosspicking .
  14. Buy it with all your $3 bills .
  15. Now you can play The Blues with attitude and authority.....
  16. I love my Gibson ........And ..........I love my Martin .
  17. Hmmm .. 13 J-45 ‘s . No confusion there. And enough with Banner year headstocks on non Banner year models !
  18. Welcome to the forum,and welcome to the Gibson family .
  19. Huge fan of Blackberry Smoke
  20. Beautiful AJ sir. Wish I still had mine .
  21. The G

    Ut Oh!

    Hi, I kinda agree with whst you say, And after a long absence from this Forum I’m happy to see you still have your J-35. I remember when you first bought it because it was made on my Birthday date . Month and day ...not year. Lol.
  22. Enjoyed going through these posts . And yes I too can credit Gordon Lightfoot for lighting the initial fire to start my guitar playing motivation and obsession. A beautiful Black Day in July if I recall......
  23. I believe the Vintage model used is just the newly renamed J-45TV .So yes it would be a new model as well.
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