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Howdy all...


Well I just got a pair of Eminence Commonwealths (12") loaded into my Fender Twin Reissue... it weighs a freakin' ton but let me tell you, it sounds magnificent! Super crisp and defined notes. Tight, punchy, deep, low end, and enough clean headroom to make your ears bleed. I couldn't justify throwing down $500 or more for a set of old JBL's... many are reckoned and who knows how much life is left in a used 40 year old speaker? These are supposed to sound similar, and though I've never played through old JBL's, I can at least say these sound great... it'll be a while before they're truly broken in and I imagine they'll sweeten up a tad over time.I feel like I scored a deal paying $200 bucks, which included shipping.


The only downside to this speaker upgrade is just the wight of the amp... I bet it's upwards of 90 pounds now. Certainly not for the faint of heart (or weak backs). Anyhow, I'll try to get a video up soon... the twin's getting new power tubes later this week so I'll probably wait until the weekend when she's all tuned up and ready to rumble.

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I have a pair of Eminence 12" drivers in my Music Man 2x12 (they were fitted as stock) and If Eminence were thought to be good enough by Leo Fender they're good enough for me.


I've been told by someone in the know (personally I haven't a clue) that Eminence speakers are specifically designed to help contribute towards that huge amount of clean headroom you mention.

Presumably that's why they seem to work so well in Fender-style combo's.





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Me likes Eminence stuff.


Specifically, the early Fender '59 reissue used Eminence, and the later ones Italian Jensens. Liked the Eminence ones WAY more.


Also, tried a Jensen (Italian) C12N in a Blues Deluxe thinking it was an upgrade to the origonal gold label Fender speaker (Eminence). Prefered the Eminence again.


Oh, one more, this a good one: when VICTORIA first came out with the Double Regal amp, it was all the rage around here, and a buddy of mine got one of the first ones. His had a 15" Legend in it, I think before the Weber alnico one was 'stock'. As far as I know, that's the only difference. I'm actually pretty sure of it. I always thought the Legend sounded much better with that amp.

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Here's the first video of the new speakers (and power tubes) in action... not sure how long they'll take to break in but it all sounds pretty good to my ears so far. The only downside of all this is the weight of the amp now... I haven't weighed it but I'd guess it's between 90-100 lbs. [crying] Thankfully I don't move it around too much but it's somethign to keep in mind if you plan on loading these into a 2x12 combo!


The tele is one I put together myself... MJT body and neck, Fralin Pickups, and Toneshaper electronics.



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