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great sounding little Gibson


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A talent like Redbone certainly needs no supporting cast and I tend to agree about the horn. He's a real showman and a very good guitar picker. That Gibson sounds great, but in all fairness, Redbone can make a dimestore guitar sound pretty cool. Saw him one time and he had a piano player with him. It was a great show. Redbone's music is a kind of bluesy/ragtime style and a horn or piano player fits the era he's presenting. Personally, I enjoy hearing just his megaphone-sounding vocals and his great picking, but if you see an entire set, the horn/piano do fit-in with what he's doing. [thumbup]

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I saw Leon in concert a number of years ago. He opened up his show with the song "Polly Wolly Doodle", played very simply and cleanly on an average guitar.


He brought down the house.


Food for thought when we're arguing about what thickness of pick to use or whether we should use a saddle made of yak bone.


Leon could play a tune on a hockey stick and entertain an audience. To paraphrase a musical line: "it's the player, not the song".



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