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: )

I dont really mean Martins are gay...

I kind of mean they are plain..square..unimaginatively designed..uninteresting things..


Still funny that you ask, my mind wandered off the other day and thought about something like this in relation to some of my guitars..

But its still early, and it hasnt come home yet ...(ie my mind)


From what its left behind,as memory, I can remember..

Gibson Les Paul Jr 57' My closest brother

Fender Strat 1965 Once white and beautifull,now old and battered... Mom

4 Various Pink & white Strats...long time loved mistresses

Gibson L5...The Priest

Carlo Greco .. Royalty..The Monarch


Hard to formulate the rest till mind comes home..coffee usually helps.

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Now this is a shapely Martin, but it was the Martin guitar of long ago.

This is what I call pretty : )

But way over priced..One can buy a "Boutique" (hate that word) version of it and still have 5k left.


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