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Intonation/Tuning issues on my LP Trad pro.


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Ever since I got my LP Trad pro I was noticing that it was harder to stay in tune than all my other guitars of different brands.I presumed it could be the intonation & spent the week setting up the intonation.Being an experienced musician I generally take care of set ups myself.I changed strong from the original 10s that came with it & I am using D'Addario 9.5 gauge set which feels & sounds great.After setting up the action & bridge height I began work on intonation.I found most strings were sharp on the 12th fret & so I had to back up the saddle. Unfortunately on the 3rd & 6th string,the 12 fret note is still sharp by about + 6 cents or even more.I've backed the saddles on them to the max & there is no more space for backing up!I'm not sure what to do now.The strings seem to be easier to stay in tune although I do have doubts on the locking tuners that came with it.But more than that this intonation issue seems hard to handle.

Any help/advice on this would really help.



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Hey JC, assuming that the truss rod is snug and your strings are not binding in the nut or saddles, check that your bridge is sitting upright and does not have a forward lean. Try turning the bridge around with the adjustment screws facing the neck or vice versa.

The other thing that comes to mind, is to reverse the angle(remove and flip) of the saddles that are maxed-out to gain a little extra length.

Other than that, you may try installing a different style TOM bridge that will give you more adjustment length.

Good Luck, Rod

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