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Byrdland Strap Lock Installation


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Hi Guys - new to the forum (though I own many Gibsons). Just purchased a new Crimson Division/Custom Byrdland and have a basic question. Where should I install the neck joint-area strap lock...any suggestions? I'm gonna have to drill a pilot hole and I want to get this right. Any thoughts/suggestions will be much appreciated. Also, for those wondering what a Crimson Division guitar might be like, all I can say is that I currently have 4 -5 Custom Shop guitars of varying ages, and this guitar is from a different planet by comparison. It's hard to describe or articulate, but it's like a Mercedes vs. a well-done AC Cobra Kit job....both are amazing, but one is PERFECT. This Byrdland is perfect (p.s. I own a custom display manufacturing company so I know what quality looks like). I can find little things with all of the other "standard" Custom Shop guitars that I have, but this guitar is PERFECT...I have no idea how they achieved this??


Many thanks,



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I usually prefer not to add a strap button to an archtop, but when I do, I like to put it here:




However, lots of players prefer it on the shoulder, which might require a backing piece inside the guitar.


Some people put it on the treble side of the neck or in the heel parallel to the neck, but personally I think this ruins the guitar. When I've owned guitars like this, I've removed the button and filled the hole.


Danny W.

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I agree with Danny.


A "misplaced" strap button ruins value. Some may say, it is your guitar, do what you want. As a buyer though, I look for guitars without strap buttons, if I can help it. The other two spots which do not bother me as much are the spot in the back of the heel or its middle. Inside the cutaway in the side of the neck, obliquely in the heel of the neck, the Les Paul/Gretsch shoulder spot are the worst spots and totally ruin the Gibson archtop for me. I avoid Gibson archtops with strap buttons placed there or with filled holes marking such placements.


So, think about where you want it carefully if you plan on selling it one day. It could shave a significant amount off your asking price. Strap button placement is a really personal thing.


Those Crimson Custom Shop Gibsons are really something else...with price tags to match.

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