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Midtown Beautification Question


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i got the midtown standard p-90 the first week they were out.


i've been living with the cream colored trim, and gold hardware long enough.


i bought the Gibson branded black speed knobs, but they don't fit as flush to the body as the gold knobs do.


when you turn both upside down, the surrounding for the hole, compared to the skirting on the knob is almost flush for the black knobs, while the original gold knobs are recessed.


any suggestions?



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Hi Dab,


My Midtown Custom came with speed knobs. Because of the design of the knob, the entire knob is always going to sit above the nut that holds the pot to the top of the guitar. I don't have a guitar with gold knobs to compare, but my guess is that the skirt on the recessed gold knobs probably allows the bottom of the knob to extend past the nut that holds the pot; thus the knob is closer to the body.


One thing you might check is to be sure you are putting the speed knobs on perfectly straight. Mine came from the factory not sitting on the shaft perfectly straight, so I pulled them off and put them back on again. I was able to get three of the knobs to fit better. For some reason, one of the knobs won't go on the shaft perfectly straight and it is slightly higher than the other three. It is hardly noticeable, so I left it alone after trying to put it on straight several times.


If there are some extra threads on the shaft of the pot that extend above the nut, you might be able to lower the pot. You would have to remove the pot, but a washer or spacer on the shaft, then put the pot back into place in the cavity. This would make the shaft not stick out as far above the top of the guitar, which would also lower the knob. I've never actually tried this, so proceed with caution! If there aren't extra threads above the nut, this idea isn't going to work, so don't even try it.


Good luck with the project.



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