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"Banjo" 238-11

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Hello !


I´ve inheritated a Gibson Banjo.

I dont know anything about it.

Inside it´s marked 238-11 on three different places, and it also have a little


Please look at the pictures and tell me what it is, how old it is and a price to tell if I would like to sell it.


Thanks in advance,



post-53375-087452700 1360319136_thumb.jpg

post-53375-089557100 1360319147_thumb.jpg

post-53375-086639500 1360319156_thumb.jpg

post-53375-091436600 1360319166_thumb.jpg

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HI, this appears to be a ca.1935 Gibson MB-1 (MB stands for "Mandolin Banjo).


Please note - This is not an appraisal service - for information regarding the value of your instrument, please consult a used instrument pricing guide or contact a used instrument dealer in your area.

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