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Could Use Some Help Identifying a *potential* Les Paul Jr. - Cross Posted to Les Paul Forum

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About 5 years have passed since I traded the electric guitar I previously owned for a mandolin that sounds about as great as an instrument collecting dust can sound, and you guessed it; I've been itching for an electric as of late.


Here's where I need some help, I've found a guitar that's piqued my interest for sale via internet and am having difficulties identifying the guitar.


Considering the condition it appears to be in (rough) looking at photos I shouldn't be surprised at my difficulties.


It has what I would call, in my limited knowledge of electrics (always been more of an acoustic player), a Les Paul Jr. body-shape. Problem is I haven't found a photo of a LP Jr. that places the volume and tone knob in the same position as they are in the guitar I've found online. Also the pick guard is different, which I know doesn't mean a lot in identifying, but additionally the tailpiece and bridge aren't quite like anything I've seen; maybe modded, maybe unique to whatever this guitar ends up being.


The easy answer appears to be that it's a Harmony as the head-stock would suggest, but I'm more familiar with Harmony instruments and have a pretty reliable resource that indicates that it's either a replacement neck or headstock.


I thought I'd find some Gibson nuts that could say with any degree of certainty that it is or isn't an LP Jr. body, and if possible, furthermore direct me to some kind of resource of other manufacturer's that employ the LP Jr. body-shape, that is of course, if such a thing exists. My google searches have turned up fruitless.


Thanks for any, all, or no help, and keep rocking.







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