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  1. sg supreme limited edition 2016

    12 October 2017 - 01:33 AM

    look at this beautiful sg supreme 2016

    Posted Image
    locking tuners
    burstbuckers pro
    red color
    24 frets
    fast axcess heel
    ont 2 knobs ok

    i want it but what i see is that the new sg standard (2017-2018) has more options
    titanium parts
    new kind of frets
    so, not so good vs the standard model ? ? more sustain with the sg standard ?

    sg hp
    the hp version has all what i want but no locking tuners ! : (i should remove the g force but i am not sure to find the good locking tuners after that
    i think i am not fan of the g force cos it's not locking tuners

    so, a hard choice

    and classic 57 vs burstbuckers pro or 61 pickups too

    or i can buy a sg standard t but i think all the options won't be there

    nothing's perfect !

    the perfection would be to add a tremolo for this versatile guitar :) too
    luthier ;...

    perfection for me = EMG or Gibson pickups +floyd rose or frx + fast axcess heel +all options (pure bypass, coil split, out of phase) but no g force! i prefer locking tuners
    hard to find that with the HP series
    the T series

    24 frets : not necessary
    22 is good
  2. gibson g force

    03 October 2017 - 03:44 AM

    On ne voit pas grand monde ici mais, on ne sait jamais :)

    Si certains ont des lp sg ou autre avec des g force: est-ce que l'accordage tient bien?

    Ca, on m'a dit que ce n'étaient pas des mécaniques à blocage

    Les modèles HP m'intéressent pour les options et le nouveau talon

    mais, pas vraiment pour les robots qui m'ont l'air plus chiants qu'autres choses : j'aurais préféré des mécaniques SPerzel, Grover ou autre et à blocage
  3. Gibson G Force Tuning System Overview

    19 September 2017 - 08:40 AM

    for those who have this, have you a good tuning which lasts some weeks ?days? and if you do like Gibson says (the installation )
    or not so good vs locking tuners ?
  4. Gibson les paul vs Gibson dc

    16 September 2017 - 06:45 AM

    i saw a video and it showed that the sound of a LP was better (warmer) with a lp which would not be a double cutaway version

    so, for the money and the sound, we must accept that it won't be as easy as a SG to play with

    but it will sound good :)

    for me it's an impossible choice

    i prefer the sg
    but if a LP can only sound good with a single cut format ok ok
  5. sg supreme 2016 vs sg standard 2018

    16 September 2017 - 12:59 AM

    i wanted to buy the sg supreme because of

    the 24 frets
    fast axcess heel
    burstbuckers pro to have a new sound vs my 490R 498t

    i read they sound very shard so i did not know what it was all about about the bridge pickup too

    Now, i am seeing the new sg standard
    with pure bypass switch ?
    coil splits

    classic 57 and classic 57+
    locking tuners too (i hope so)

    so, which one is the best?

    i play some blues tones
    but i can play fast licks like Gary Moore or John Sykes too
    i like harmonics

    warm tone in the neck position to sound like a LP too

    so burstbuckers pro vs classic 57's ? imo, something like a classic 57 and the dirty fingers pickup for the bridge position or 500t would have been a good idea

    nothing's perfect?

    i can add a floyd rose frx for total versatility too



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