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  1. Beer, riding mowers and Florida hot sun do not go together !

    26 July 2017 - 03:58 PM

    I kind of got started repairing riding mowers as a hobby, and now I am so busy I turn people away.
    About 1 1/2 weeks ago I picked up a riding mower for an elderly couple that really did not have the money for the repair.
    After working on it for about 3 days getting it serviced and running again, I discovered the transaxle was bad and needed to be changed.
    After speaking with the owners, I told them I had a used transaxle and would do the swap just for the labor.
    They were were happy and asked to to proceed.
    After unbloting all the bolts, brackets and such I pulled the transaxle out from under the mower.
    I used a 4 ton jack to raise the body to make room so I could slide the transaxle, tires and wheels out from under the body.
    I had the body supported by an adjustable jack stand.
    I them slid in the new transaxle, tires and wheels.
    Not thinking, the new tires and wheels were a size larger than the mower originally had on it, so the new assembly would not side right in under the mowers body.
    I underestimated the weight of the body, and transaxle and tried to lift the body and slide the transaxle in place.
    The damn body fell off the jack stand pulling both my arms down as it dropped.
    There is a huge brake return spring in this same location, and as the body dropped, the "hook" shape of the spring stuck into my right forearm almost 3"8" of and inch, and as the body landed on the transaxle, it trapped my left hand between the body and the transaxle.
    So here I am, spring stuck in my right forearm and myleft hand wedged between the body and the damn transaxle.
    I could not pull up as the spring kept digging into my arm, and could not get my left had free from under the body.
    It was close to 100 degrees ,Floridas famous high humidity, and I am about 1/2 shi--- faced.
    Closet neighbor is almost 300 yards away, music turned way up on the outside speakers.
    I stayed there for almost 45 minutes before I said FUC--- it and pushed the body over so I could free both my arm and left hand.
    Talk about a painful som***** when that mower toppled over with the spring still stuck in my right forearm.
    First thing I could think of was "I need another beer"
  2. Grand kids can sure make you proud

    23 July 2017 - 01:58 PM

    I am sure many of you have grand kids and I myself have four.
    My oldest applied and accepted to quite a few colleges through out the country, and had the letters of recommendation to attend West Point.
    My daughter , son in law, and three grand kids now live in Georgia, but today drove down and registered at Alabama , ( Crimson Tide )
    Seems just like yesterday, they were sleeping over at my house and I was making them tents in front of the TV, and feeding them junk food, popcorn and playing with silly string .
    Man, time really flies once you pass 65
  3. Big thanks to Dub-T-123

    19 May 2017 - 06:48 AM

    I have a vintage ( guess you would call it that ) echo/reverb unit that I got in 1973-1975 some where in that time, and over time it started fading in and out .
    The effects would work and then just stop.
    I started talking to Dub-T-123 through the forum here, and he said he work look at it and see if it could be repaired.
    Ironic part of this is last year I moved to Florida, and he lives in So Ca. just a few miles from where I moved from.
    Anyway I boxed it up and sent it to him, and told him no rush and to get to it when he had time.
    Well he shipped it back to me and it works great.
    He told me most if not all the pots. were bad and some loose connections had to be repaired.
    Could not have asked for a better job.
    So many thanks to Dub-T-123 for a great job.
  4. Need help posting a video

    25 March 2017 - 06:40 AM

    I have tried multiple times to down load a video of a very young player but just can't seem to get the video to post using my I-Pad
    If anyone could check out the video and post one of them , I think every one would get a kick out if watching this 11 year old player, and be amazed at his playing for such a young age.
    His name is Toby Lee and it sounds like he is from the U.K. due to his accent, but he could be in the US.
    If you Google Toby Lee 11 year old guitar player, he has quite a few on You Tube.
    Videos of him playing songs by S.R.V. BB King and others.
    I think every one will enjoy the short clips if some one can post them .
  5. Just a little rant

    20 March 2017 - 09:53 AM

    About two or three weeks ago, I ordered a bunch of parts that I keep on hand because of the guitar refinishing I do .
    Just the basic hardware, Fender string tees, nuts, pick guards, neck plates and screws, strap buttons things like that.
    Most of the parts have already arrived, and while putting the parts away , I noticed some of these parts, even though they are Fender parts and not some crap made in Taiwan, they were not all manufactured the same.
    Different size screws for the necks, neck plates were not countersunk the same, some string tees have a nylon spacer and some have an aluminum spacer.
    Of course there may be slight differences with parts made in the US, or Mexico, Japan, but when you order multiple of the same part, you would expect the parts to be identical.
    When I work on say a Gibson, the only part that I have ever had an issue with are the pick up surrounds ( rings around the pick ups).
    I have come across a few of these that were not quite the same, but at least the differences were not so bad they could not be used.
    Think I might send some of the parts back, but who knows what I might wind up with when I order them again .
    I guess quality control is a thing of the past.



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    Well, hopefully you find the culprit and, beat the DOGSNOT out of them with, A LES PAUL
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