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  1. Mel Tillis

    Yesterday, 03:12 PM

    Sad to say Mel Tillis passed away today.
    Was, and still am a great fan of his music.
  2. Wiring question. Vol pot

    29 October 2017 - 08:13 AM

    I am having a problem with a volume pot.
    I am putting together another Strat ( partscaster) for my brother.
    I have new pick ups, 3 new pots, and capacitor, new 5 way switch. It is an import switch as that’s all I had in my stash of parts.
    The switch is working fine, the two tone controls are also working fine, but the volume pot has no volume control to it.
    There is volume coming out of the control. but it is not variable .
    I thought the volume pot was bad, so I swapped it out with another new pot, same problem though no volume control.
    I have checked and rechecked the wiring per my diagrams, and also every wiring diagram I could find on line and every thing checks out that the new wiring is correct, but just no control on the volume pot.
    Any one have any ideas on what could cause the volume pot to not be variable with the volume ?
    It’s got me stumped.
    Bought to make some fire wood out of the damn thing
    Appreciate any ideas, Thanks
  3. Eagles live tonight

    20 October 2017 - 07:09 PM

    My daughter just sent me some videos of the Eagles in concert tonight with Vince Gill playing for Glen Frey
    From the videos I watched, they sounded great.
    Would love to be there tonight
  4. Photo sharing

    15 October 2017 - 03:17 AM

    With the changes Photobucket has made now charging you to post pictures to other sites now, what web sites are folks now using to store and post/ share their pictures.
    I be damn if I will pay Photobucket to share/ post pictures.
    Its like they are holding your pictures hostage unless you pay them now. Pictures that have been stored for years.
  5. My brother caught a family pet today

    12 October 2017 - 02:18 PM

    My older brother lives maybe 6-7 min. from me and lives on a nice lake.
    He caught a 93 300 pound alligator in his back yard today and acted like in was a walk in the park.
    He texted me a video of him tying up that monster , and I about had a sh fit.
    After the hurricane here last month the gators are getting pretty bold.
    People living on lakes are keeping close eyes on their pets.
    My brother told me over the last few years 4 or 5 neighbors have lost their dogs to gators.
    Not fer me, no sir ree Bob. Think I will pass
    Kinda grew partial to my arms and legs and would like to keep them.



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  1. Photo


    23 Sep 2014 - 13:13
  2. Photo


    08 Jun 2014 - 03:11
    Well, hopefully you find the culprit and, beat the DOGSNOT out of them with, A LES PAUL
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