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  1. 7 minutes ago, Yorgle said:

    The bridge actually looks a bit low- if that's where it's set for high action, then the neck angle must be off.  The simplest fix here is to simply take out the spacer and sand it down a wee bit- probably only need to take off  1/16" to stop the buzzing.   Don't worry about sanding it down too much, because you can always adjust the pickup upward.  

    Thanks for the suggestion, re: sanding. Question:  aside from raising the strings, what effect, positive or negative would raising the bridge have on tone or playability?

  2. Hi all,

    I have a 2nd hand Riviera P93 and it's come to my attention (via my guitar instructor who has made some adjustments to it -- the previous owner liked his action high and his string gauge heavy) that the bridge pickup is a little high -- as in the spacer connecting the pickup to the guitar top is too thick. Can anyone who has a P93 tell me if this looks odd? One of the reasons for the concern is that the (low) E-string is buzzing on the pickup and the pickup screw can't be adjusted any lower.

    I'm a newb, so I don't mind hand-holding in order to understand what's going on.



  3. Hi all,

      I have a Riviera that I bought used. It did not come with a pickguard and I'm interested in maybe one day getting one. Thing is, I don't see this item listed on the Epiphone/Gibson site (unless I'm looking in the wrong place). Are these available retail or are they only available used on reseller sites? 

  4. Hello all,

      I've got a Epi Riviera P-93, and I'm wondering what the default activations are through the pickup selector switch. My assumption is as follows:

    UP: neck

    MIDDLE: middle and bridge

    DOWN: bridge

    That said, I've seen other people online articulate this differently (for example the middle position activates all three pickups). Would someone be able to clarify the definitive default configuration?

    Thank you!

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