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  1. Hey Crust, nice collection of Riviera Custom P93 guitars! I only have one, but I love it. Over the years, mine has been heavily modded with the only stock components now being the body, neck, Bigsby and pickguard. The one remaining mod I am contemplating is to adjust the wiring to make it similar to the Epi Black Beauty 3 configuration. Even adjusting the pickup heights, I can't seem to get much differentiation in tone with the three volume controls and one master tone control configuration. The Black Beauty 3 goes with two volume and two tone controls and brings in the middle pickup with the bridge in the middle setting on the switch. I like the idea of having the bridge and neck pups with independent tone controls like with my Les Paul and SG, but then I would be giving up the ability of being able to mix the middle pup (RWRP) with the neck. Any thoughts?
  2. Gibson hasn't abandoned those pickups. Throughout most of this decade, Gibson seems to be rotating every third year through their 490R/490T, 61R/61T and 57 Classic pickups in the Gibson SG Standard guitars. When I bought my SG Standard, I auditioned the 2018 (61 pups) and 2017 (57 Classics) side by side and landed on the 2017 standard model. Everybody has different tastes, which is why maybe Gibson doesn't keep the same pickups from year to year.
  3. I can't answer the OP's question if his guitar will fit in the case he is looking at, but I can tell you that there are different Epiphone branded cases for WildKat and Alleykat than the other semi-hollowbody and hollowbody guitars. I assume that the guitars are sized differently. If it were me, I would want a case made to fit my guitar and would not want my guitar in a case that is too tight, but works, or with some extra room to spare. Epiphone EHLCS for Wildkat and Alletlat: https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/EHLCS--epiphone-ehlcs Epiphone E519 for Dot, Casino, Riviera, etc.: https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/E519--epiphone-e519-hollowbody-guitar-case P.S. - I own the E519 case for my Epiphone Riviera Custom P93 guitar and it fits perfectly.
  4. I put a Wilkinson Locking Roller Bridge on my Epiphone Riviera Custom P93 guitar. The Wilkinson bridge was initially a drop-in direct fit on the stock bridge posts, but I eventually had my guitar tech install the Wilkinson bridge posts, which were thicker, for added stability.
  5. Last December my son and I were in our local GC when I picked up a 2018 Gibson Les Paul Standard and started noodling on it. I loved the feel in my hand, particularly the upper fret access, which I find difficult with my Gibson Les Paul Standard. I posted a thread here about 2017 vs 2018 Standards and most people suggested the 2017 due to the Classic 57 pups. I was lucky and found 2017 and 2018 SG Standards at a SA store and played them side by side through a Hot Rod Deluxe, which we own at home. I must admit, I liked the Classic 57 pups. On the margin, they sounded a bit more aggressive when driven and also cleaned up nicely. I went home and thought about it, but when I finally got decided to jump in, it seemed all the new 2017 Gibson SG Standard T's were gone in local stores and online. I started looking for used one's, but found them to be a bit too pricey with many sellers asking near or more than new ones had sold for just a few months before. To make a long story short, all the stars finally lined up and a found a 2017 Gibson SG Standard in great condition in the color I wanted at a great price and at a big discount to what most sellers are asking on the various aftermarket websites. Here she is. Ain't she pretty!
  6. The serial number is there, but it looks like it is mostly hidden by the glare in the photo. I was able to enlarge the pic on my iPad. While I can't make out the entire number, it appears to start with 17 indicating a model year of 2017.
  7. Chinese/Asian made guitars use a different measurement system than those in the USA and hence the difference in sizing when you upgrade an Epi to USA made components. I know you asked only about pots, but you may want to consider upgrading all of the electronics while you are at it. I upgraded my Epi Riviera with a kit from ToneShapers.com that included CTS pots, Orange caps, Switchcraft toggle switch, Switchcraft output jack and premium wiring. I also purchased the toggle switch cap and tone/volume knobs from there to fit the USA made components. There are other sellers of wiring kits out there that I am sure are also great, but I was please with these guys on price and service as someone there named George was very patient with me in explaining what I needed and how it differed from the stock components on my guitar. I was very happy with the result for a number of reasons. http://www.toneshapers.com/wiring-products/toneshaper-classic-wiring-kits/les-paul/lp-standard.html#.W1jqazGWyUl
  8. I believe that guitar manufacturers use serial numbers to track production through their factories, and as far as far as Epiphone would be concerned, the serial number would govern. The serial number for Epiphone hollow and semi-hollow body guitars is located on a sticker placed within the cavity of the guitar, at least it is on my Epi Riviera Custom P93, which is visible through the F-Hole. With respect to your guitar, it could be the neck was made in 2016 and that's when the Epiphone decal was placed on the back of the headstock. That neck was then eventually placed on a 2018 model guitar, which is reflected in the guitar's serial number. Since you are buying a new guitar from an authorized dealer, I suggest that you register the guitar's warranty with Epiphone and then email Epiphone directly with your question. My experience is they are responsive to email inquiries.
  9. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. What you may consider to be crap, others may consider to be awesome. I myself have a 2014 Gibson Les Paul Standard Plus guitar in Tobacco Burst that I think is a real beauty with its AAAA flame maple top. As good as this guitar looks, and it has received its fair share of compliments, it plays even better. I believe I paid a fair price for my guitar and see a lot of value in my purchase. Of course, YMMV.
  10. Same here. The only modification I made to my 2014 Gibson Les Paul Standard was to replace the Tektoid nut with a custom bone nut, something I am very glad that I did.
  11. I've never used the Schaller tuners, so I can't make a direct comparison. One difference is that the locking device on the Schaller tuners are on top and the locking device on the Revolution tuners are on the bottom. I couldn't tell you if there are benefits to either, but like everything else guitar it is probably a matter of personal preference. Another difference is that the gear ratio of the Schaller tuners is 16:1 and the gear ratio on the Revolution tuners is 19:1. The gear ratio represents the number of turns of the tuning key to get one complete turn of the string post. The higher the gear ratio, the more turns it takes for the string post to make a complete turn and the finer the tuning the tuner allows. You would likely be happy with either set of tuners, but since you asked for other recommendations, I thought I would put in a good word for the Kluson Revolution tuners since I am very happy with mine.
  12. I am not sure if they are drop in replacements for the G-Force tuners, but I put some Kluson Revolution G-mount locking tuners on one of my guitars and really like them. They have a 19:1 tuning ratio and you can get the pearloid buttons to maintain the vibe of your guitar. Not sure about the Canadian market, but you can buy the tuners on eBay for a discount to what Kluson's US distributors sell them for. http://www.kluson.com/revolution.html
  13. Congrat's on the Epi Riviera Custom P93 guitar. I have the Black Royale model. I bought mine new in 2014. I can relate to the issue with the jack. The nut on mine kept coming loose and almost fell into the cavity a few times. I eventually bought a ES-335 wiring kit and upgraded all of the electronics (ex. pickups) with USA made components. The kit came with a Switchcraft jack and it has stayed tightened ever since. I hope you enjoy your guitar as much as I have mine!
  14. I read the other thread and understand your disappointment with the guitar; however, I think you are being unfair to Gibson. In the first post of the other thread, you say you bought the guitar used, which voids the warranty and means that you accepted the risk of manufacturer defects. IMHO, the fact that Gibson is taking your calls and offering solutions on a guitar that is not under warranty is admirable.
  15. I can totally relate. I have an Epiphone Riviera Custom P93 guitar. Over time, the guitar rattled and buzzed so bad that I brought it back for another set-up (I also had a set-up done when I bought the guitar). The tech showed me the guitar had uneven frets and that the frets were badly worn in places. I asked him if that was normal wear and he said no and suggested that it could be due to my playing style, poor fret material or both. I had him do a fret level and all was good. It’s been about nine months now and I’ve noticed the frets are starting to wear heavy in places again. I trade off playing with a Gibson Les Paul Standard and the frets on that guitar do not look very much worn at all. I’ve got some time before I have to worry about doing another fret level or re-fret my Epi. I guess I’ll cross that bridge when I get there.
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