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  1. I've had several Epiphones, and generally, I found the pickups to be of good if not great quality. I swapped out the three P90's in my Riviera P93 with boutique pickups, and regretted it not being stock. I personally think it is about EQ in most cases and it takes a bit of work to get the bridge intonated and the height of the saddles right. Once all of that is done, dial it in and enjoy playing. If the bridge rattles, it is the retainer wire (not sure the name of that piece), I believe. Maybe a Wilkinson roller bridge or another option could be considered? Too many players love these gu
  2. I am so glad to hear that. I am waiting for mine to arrive this week. I really am looking forward to it!
  3. https://reverb.com/item/28849308-fender-blues-junior-15-watt-1x12-guitar-combo-tweed-free-ship-see-videos I have purchased the above Fender Blues Jr with a lacquered tweed. It is arriving tomorrow. I am looking forward to plugging in my Epiphone Sheraton I bought this past summer. I started to get a Pro Junior and love their sound. For the same money, used, I felt the 12 inch speaker with the Master Volume was a better long term choice for me. Maybe one day I can have the Pro Junior as well. Anyone else have a similar amp?
  4. I had a P93 and should have kept it. This great guy made one professionally for me and it fit perfectly. https://www.wdmusic.com/wd-custom-pickguards.html
  5. Love your collection: guitars and amps, too! The Zepher Blues is on my bucket list for sometime in the future. Thanks for the photos!
  6. I think my thoughts have more than likely been covered in previous answers, but I would say it is a matter of tone and feel. I have a full hollow body Emperor and it is more acoustic and woody in tonal character, while my Riviera with the semi-hollow gets a more beefy electric tone. I love both sounds, but if you have to pick, I would think the 335 would give you enough of a contrast over your LP. The Sheraton is a sweet and versatile guitar for blues and rock, as well as jazz. I have owned all of the guitars we are talking about save the Casino. I think you will be happy either way, but
  7. The tuners are working out fine, stock. I put some 11-49 strings with a wound G on and it is staying in pitch quite nicely. Sounds warm and full, too. Thanks again!
  8. Not necessarily. I was just thinking if something could drop right in... Well, I think the first step would be the nice flat wounds and go from there. These guitars are very nice. I know Jazz players put them below Eastman, but man I can't see how. The tone, action, and pickups all surprise me. It is a 2000ish MIK (Unsung factory). Thanks for the recommendation.
  9. I sold a USA 2001 Fender Strat, an Ibanez AG75 and a USA Breedlove Mandolin oval hole A style. I love these guitars and they sound really good plugged into my Classic 30 tube amp. The only thing may be tuners for the JP. The Riviera has mods-- tuners, switch and pickups. I love the look, tone and feel of these guitar. I play a guild and a martin both vintage guitars, but I am considering singing and playing with my Emperor. I want to get input on tuners that would fit and a set of flatwound strings that would stay tuned and give me a lot of tone-- fullness.
  10. I have both of them pictured here: Joe Pass Unsung Factory and Riviera Peerless Factory (both MIK)
  11. Turns out the knobs on my Riviera were fine. I saw something in the photo due to light and contrast that made them look warn. No-- just fine.
  12. Thank you for the link. I appreciate your help!
  13. Hey Paully! I am glad you wrote. I am looking at upgrading the tuning machines and purchasing the appropriate truss wrench. I am not sure the tuners aren't fine-- with the colder weather and new strings I would probably be retuning constantly anyway. However, the Wilkenson you mentioned is something for me to look into. I love the tone and the pickups are sounding sweet. The color combination matches my Orange Amp in a weird way!
  14. The other is a 2004 Riviera with the 2 pickup configuration. It has yet to arrive, but it is in route.
  15. Sorry for posting twice. It was inadvertent. Thanks for understanding!
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