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  1. dbrian66


    I should block it up because I really never use them. I would like to get better at using them so I leave them unblocked. I now have three guitars with them.
  2. I would go with the Spalty one and go with a grayish finish. Like old barn wood. Black hardware and an ebony fingerboard. That would look cool.
  3. I think the first two are 10. I was kind of guessing that it was a 2010 model. Do you what years they used ebony?
  4. That's sweet! I just got one like yours. How do you know the year of the guitar? I think mine has an ebony board as well.
  5. dbrian66


    Got a new guitar the other day off of Ebay. Some guy had this guitar and had just installed a new set of EMG 81/85's in it but never finished hooking them up. Long story short, the guitar didn't work so I ended up wining the auction for $100.00. He charged $50 to ship it. I think I was over charged for shipping! LOL! I was surprised that the guitar survived the shipping in that box. It did though, and it was in really good shape. I finished doing the wiring. All it needed was to hook up the selector switch. Well the thing didn't work. I had very low volume out of both pickups.. I checked all of my solder connections, all the connections of the soderless system EMG supplies, and nothing was bad or wrong. I was starting to think that the volume pot was bad. I decided to start from scratch and just reinstall everything like I was doing the job for the first time. When I took the pickups out I found that the guy had plugged the harness' in backwards! I unhooked them, flipped the connector over and plugged it back in. Guitar works great! So now I have a guitar with a $200 set of pickups installed that I only payed $150 for. A good day indeed!
  6. There is just something about a white Les Paul. Someday I will have one.
  7. Welcome Nick! And that's a nice studio you brought with you.
  8. I see you also have a natural Sheraton. Mine is coming from UPS presently.

  9. Blue. - Leanne Rymes Not sure if I spelled her name right
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