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  1. @Leonard McCoy Well, I've been casually trying different pins for over a year, but it's the past few months I've become mildly obsessive about getting hold of original Epiphone pins. It may well be representative of some deeper issues as I have talked about! However, the reason I hadn't previously settled on replacements is that they just didn't have the same sound as my original pins. The originals just seemed to have some mojo, or at least I'd gotten so used to the sound that the small change in sound from replacements was a big determent to me. A guitar tech did actually comment on the sound of the original pins when he was trying replacements, so it's not just me! The sound of those original Epiphone pins was just music to my ears so I figured I'd put a call out to see if anyone who'd swapped out theirs to upgrade them was willing to part with their cheap originals. Everyone has their quirks and guitar playing is littered with players obsessing over obtaining one very particular item identical to something they already have but that needs replacing, that others feels can be swapped out for anything off the shelf but the player feels is integral to their sound and they must find an absolutely identical replacement, despite it defying all logic. This is my quirk and the thing I feel is integral to my playing and sound, despite it defying all logic! Hopefully no one is offended by that as I'm not casting any judgement on anyone's choices or where they may personally feel an integral part of their sound comes from. The main thing I'm told is that I'm a fool for liking the sound of the Epiphone in the first place and that I just need to shut up, save up and upgrade to a Gibson!
  2. @Brucebubs I really can't thank you enough for going to all of the trouble of sending me those pins, it's so good of you and I'm genuinely deeply touched by your generosity! Please let me reimburse you for the postage costs. Let me know what the cost was to send them and your email address and I'll send payment via PayPal. Sorry you had the issues at the Post Office, thanks for thinking on your toes and chancing a work-around, I'll let you know if and when the parcel arrives!! Apologies for seeming to ignore you before and huge thanks again for being so decent and generous about it all. @QuestionMark Thanks for your kind words and understanding. Apologies to everyone for dumping all of that onto the forum, I've never spoken about any of it before and it did make me realise I need to work at holding it together and get my thinking back on track. I was certainly feeling swamped by the pressures at work. I am feeling more in control in myself now though, so maybe this forum has helped in more ways than just obtaining some guitar pins!
  3. @Brucebubs I just want to offer my most sincere apologies to you for taking up your time. And to anyone else reading this thread who felt aggrieved at my lack of response. I wasn't behaving out of ingratitude, nor was I disinterested in or taking for granted your incrediblly kind and generous offer. I'm a frontline health worker in the UK. Things have been very stressful for months. I'm coping but I'm aware that there are things in my behaviour that suggest I'm coming apart a little at the seams. My desperate need to find identical pins to replace the cheap ones in my cheap acoustic because I can't bear the thought of anything being different is clearly one! Another is communication. I often feel like I have nothing left to give and I'm running on autopilot. It's pathetic but it can take all of my energy just to write an upbeat, chirpy sounding forum post or reply, and for a moment it feels good to be communicating with people about something new. But then I get a terrible creeping anxiety at the thought of anyone even replying and I know I could barely muster up the energy to respond and then after a few days or weeks have passed they'll think I'm an idiot and hate me. Until in one moment some energy reappears, I rejoice and send a reply, only for it all to come crashing down and the whole cycle repeat again. @Brucebubs I saw the reply that you very kindly left a couple of days ago and I responded here. And then the dreaded thing happened...I saw your email address but I just couldn't email you, for no rational reason but my brain just couldn't handle it. I couldn't cope with even the thought of it, I couldn't even think what to say. It's so pathetic, utterly humiliating and desperately confusing to me. I'm taking weeks to reply to simple messages on my phone from people. This is the best I can hold it together right now but I'm aware it is testing and exhausting people's patience and inevitably going to mean people conclude I'm not really worth bothering with. It's testing and exhausting me, and I've concluded I'm not worth bothering with. I haven't talked about this with anyone and despite knowing I should I just can't and I actually don't want to. I always feel worse for talking! It flies in the face of the "talk about mental health" message but for me personally I can't bear to share my deeply personal thoughts and feelings. And yet here I am managing to write this long and, for the context of this forum, entirely inappropriate post. It's the first time I've ever spoken about any of this and it does feel like something of a catharsis, but also a humiliating embarrassment, only made manageable by my anonymity here, as if this were in person, face to face, in real life, I genuinely couldn't cope with my own emotional fallout from confessing my fragile state of mind and my truly pitiful inadequacy when others are coping with so much more. The anonymity of this forum has however provided me with an outlet and an opportunity to explain as best I can, and to apologise to all here, so I am grateful for that. I'm aware that what I've said will seem utterly irrational, bizarre and indeed pathetic...it is all of those things. I currently have a mini mountain of emails and messages to reply to and the thought of that is a terrible weight that burdens me every minute of every day with a terrible sense of dread and foreboding. Once I have dug deep to deal with anything urgent and work related and to go out and face another day at work, I am once again trapped in the wretched hole of psychological paralysis where I just cannot move forward with even writing and sending a single message or email. When there comes a magical moment of relief and I manage to write and send one I get a truly pitiful sense of achievement. That however is quickly engulfed and extinguished by the returning dread of all of the other emails and messages I must still respond to. Never did I imagine my state of mind would become so tragic! If anyone wishes to speak with me regarding my original guitar pins post, my email address is; dan_701@hotmail.com I may take a while to reply however so it's probably not worth your time! If it is permissable to put your home address here then great, if not then if the moderator could remove it but not the entire post that would be much appreciated; Flat 85, The Habitat, Woolpack Lane, Nottingham, NG1 1GJ, England, UK. I'm truly sorry for anyone's time I appear to have wasted or who's patience I have exhausted. I will bow out of here, if not gracefully then at least honestly and immediately. Thanks all.
  4. Thanks so much for getting back in touch, that's really good of you!! I'll email you shortly.
  5. Hi. There was another reply to this post from someone who had upgraded their pins to bone and gave some info on this as well as offering me their original bridge pins. The post seems to have disappeared however! For some reason I was unable to post a reply, I think it was part of some wider computer problems I was having. That's resolved now so I'm back and asking if whoever offered me their pins still has them available I would love to take them up on the offer! If anyone else has original pins from an Epiphone EJ200 (especially Samick) matching the ones from my post above please do let me know. Huge thanks all and I hope everyone's safe, well and holding on to their sanity out there in these lockdown times!
  6. Thanks for your help! I have tried several other pins, including some from StewMac that looked similar to the originals in the guitar, but I just couldn't find anything that gave me the sound that the original ones do. Oh well. If I can't get hold of any unwanted originals then I'll just keep on hunting for replacements. But if anyone does have any unwanted original pins then please do let me know!!
  7. Hi forum friends! I have an Epiphone EJ200 (Jumbo) Acoustic, Blonde with Gibson branding over the truss rod cover on the headstock. It's a 1997 model made at the Samick plant in South Korea. I am looking to buy some of the original bridge pins used in the guitar...or something near identical in appearance and dimension as well as hopefully sound!! Two of the original bridge pins are currently superglued after snapping and all of them are quite worn and gnarled now so I fear they are rapidly giving up the ghost! I have spent a year trying to find pins that match but with no success. The pins are plastic, vintage yellowish colour with a black dot. For whatever reason the look and sound of the cheapish original pins are just perfect to my eyes and ears! However I know that lots of EJ200 players swap out the original pins for superior ones. Well, I would dearly love to buy those original bridge pins! If there are any EJ200 (Samick plant build) owners that have upgraded their pins, or who know of anyone who has upgraded their pins, and are happy to sell the original pins then please let me know! Or if anyone knows of replacement pins that match these then please do let me know! I'm in the UK but happy to purchase online from anywhere. I don't mind experimenting with other bridge pin materials so open to any suggestions! I just find a lot of replacement pins are shorter in length with a much larger head and don't seem to sound, sit or look right on the guitar to me. I have no idea what pins Epiphone used in the guitar but I cannot find matching ones for sale anywhere. I also have no idea what pins are used in the Gibson J200s but I haven't been able to track any of those down either. Thanks in advance for any help with this!!
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