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  1. UPDATE: I bought the guitar. But not before I checked with Gibson, Key Music Brussels (an official Gibson-dealer/store where the seller supposedly bought the guitar earlier this year) and an independent guitar technician (who's specialised in Gibson). All three confirmed me it is legit. However, the volume & tone-knobs were changed and the 'pokerchip' was added to the toggle switch. I got the original knobs from the seller, and everything that accompanied the guitar (deluxe gigbag, booklets, certificate of authenticity, picture,...). I might switch the knobs since I'm not really
  2. What an awesome story, Scarecrow! Thanks for sharing. I got myself a second-handed, yet hardly played Gibson SG Vintage (walnut) from 2019 this weekend. The foil was still on the pickguard., I paid roughly the same what you did but couldn't be happier... The right guitar at the right time indeed.
  3. First of all my apologies, but I'm kinda new to this forum and the world of Gibson (Epiphone were my axes of choice for years). So if I asking a dumb question below, forgive me. Yesterday, I found an interesting listing for a Gibson SG Tribute 2019 on Facebook. The seller claims it's hardly been used and that he didn't modify anything... This is how it came out of the box. It even has the plastic foil on the pickguard. He posted a few pictures and also sent me a picture of the certificate of authenticity. So far so good, you say... However, I do have a few questions about this... When I l
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