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  1. If it does not raise the value of the guitar that much I would keep it. I still want a 50's reissue as well. That thicker neck and less hot pickups are really nice.
  2. What do you think I could get for this guitar if I sold it?
  3. I went to a Guitar Center by my home and played a Gibson Les Paul Standard 60's Unburst and I wanted to share my observations. I will start off my saying I currently have a 1989 Les Paul Custom Cherry Burst that I love.The guitar looked beautiful hanging from the wall. I took the guitar and the first thing I noticed was the weight on the back and how it felt unbalanced. It reminded me of a old design that didn't think about trying to create a balanced guitar.The neck was similar to my Les Paul. It felt very comfortable and the action was low. A little too low for me just like my new 2021 335 w
  4. There was a beautiful young woman named Sarah. She had beautiful long dark hair, mid size frame and stunning blue eyes. I named my Les Paul after her as it was so enjoyable just to look at her. I have a cherryburst LP.
  5. I found the titanium saddles to help the guitar sound great. They are also better for rock where you want more treble response. When I want a warmer jazz tone I just reduce the treble on my amp down from 5 or 6 down to 4 and it's great. You can also turn the tone knob down to 8 if you want a darker sound.
  6. I found the slightly brighter sound fantastic with distortion. It cuts through and is exciting. When going clean, just moving the treble knob on my amp down by one number reduces the brightness for clean. I really love the pickups now that I have had this guitar for over a month now. Its actually my favorite 335 guitar that I have ever played. I also love the neck on this thing. Its not as thick as the 1964 reissue but not as small as the later 60's 335. I play this guitar every day and my Strat and Tele have stayed in their cases the whole time. I don't see my Fenders seeing the light o
  7. Thanks for your reply. Yes the nylon saddles gave a duller sound which is why some say they can sound muddy. I personally like the brighter sound. You can always reduce the treble on your amp as well as the tone knob to control the top end. I am surprised how close the back pickup of my new 335 can sound like a Telecaster which is a good thing. Though I appreciate the vintage a lot, I like moving forward. By the way the 335 book by Tony Bacon was very insightful and it has great photos. I got to learn about the 70's through the 2,000's differences. Now to find out more ab
  8. Wow no one with any insight. I just ordered the Gibson 335 book by Tony Bacon from Barnes and Noble. Hopefully it will provide some insight on the changes over the years.
  9. I found it interesting that the 1960's 335 seem to be the most popular. The brand new ones with the titanium bridges are called Gibson 335 60's guitar. But then they have these calibrated pickups that are suppose to be more like the ones from the 1970's. They then have the 1964 reissue which has a little warmer not as bright clear sound. Just under $2,000 more for this guitar. Here is a comparison with a newer 335 and a reissue. COMPARISON: Gibson ES-335 Figured VS Historic '63 VOS - YouTube You can clearly hear the difference between the two. Both sound great to me and for more
  10. https://i.imgur.com/64GZvU5.jpg https://i.imgur.com/dLTVZLo.jpg
  11. They are a little brighter, chimey pickups that are great for rock style. For jazz I reduced the treble on my amp down a little and then it sounded great. Nothing not to like. I would rather have brighter pickups that you can reduce on your amp settings than a muddy sound that you can't brighten too well.
  12. I have a 1989 Gibson Les Paul Custom. I found it just as good as any great Les Paul I played in the past. Some are a little heavier than others bit the quality seems pretty good. The only issue is what ever they used to finish the guitar with at the time started to separate a little. My guitar tech told me they changed the lacquer as they found out about this problem a while back.
  13. See their web page that states the pickup. Gibson | ES-335 Figured - Sixties Cherry Some say they are like the pickups they had in the 70's but I comment on that. I found the pickups to be a little bright for jazz. When I went to put the neck pickup tone control on 8 however it was perfect. It provides the sound you expect to hear from a Gibson 335. It has that warm tone and its beautiful. I found when adding a little distortion with a pedal, the little extra treble the pickups have provide a fantastic sound and bite. I love these new pickups. Some 335's have a muddier sound and lacks t
  14. I think people will agree the consistency between a new Les Paul and one made last week is a lot closer than their guitars made in the1960's. With CNC machines now being used not only with Gibson but company's like Martin, their new guitars are closer to each other than back in the old days. I think consistency is more important than saying well this was is extra special because the neck is slightly shaped different. So when you compare 2 or 3 LP guitars on the rack they should sound closer to each other. Pickups: I don't have any support for this but logically I believe the consistency w
  15. First Impressions: I just received a late 2020 made Gibson 335 Figured cherry red guitar. First off it looks so beautiful and it brings a smile to your face when you look and play it. I found the craftmanship to be excellent and no flaws in construction or quality of parts an issue. It looks beautiful and smells nice. The action was a little too low so I moved the screws up on the saddle a little just to get it low but not that low. The pickups on this guitar are the calibrated pickups. They are much brighter and open than some of the older 335's I have played. To be honest even with r
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