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  1. AndyK


    Yes it is, my friend. I p/x'd another one I didn't like (had factory fitted Seymour Duncans in it). Just used it for the first time in anger today - final rehearsal for our Slash / Myles Kennedy tribute band, before doing our first two gigs in Cardiff, Aug 2 and 3. It's wonderful. A heavy beast (over 10.5 lbs), but very nice to play.
  2. AndyK


    Pippy, old friend.
  3. AndyK


    Thanks mate - is that the correct one for the bridge?
  4. AndyK


    Not been here for a while... anyway, here's what I bought today. It's a 2005 Standard and it absolutely barks! I've got a neck p/u cover, but a need a bridge one (nickel). I ain't paying £49 blooming quid for one, which is the only one I can find. Any pointers, friends?
  5. AndyK


    Thanks all. I'm not looking for high output pickups per se - I guess I'm just a bit disappointed that the Custom is not as loud as the R0.
  6. My 2013 SG has 57 Classics. They are more powerful than the Custombuckers in my 2013 R0. And the Custombuckers are more powerful than whatever is in my 2012 LP Custom Shop Custom (Burstbuckers?). I thought the p/us in Customs were supposed to have more grunt than a Standard? Anyway, what nice p/us would go in my Custom? I had/have a LP Standard with factory fitted Seymour Duncans - they were powerful, but had no warmth whatsoever.
  7. Why does one use unshielded cable to link from amp head to speaker? Can you use shielded?
  8. Yes, it's got to look nice. After that, the neck for me - does it feel comfortable? Thirdly, does it really "ring" when played unplugged? If so, you know it'll have sustain when plugged in. Lastly, the pickups - are they what you like? For me, all of these have come together with my latest squeeze (bought yesterday), a black Custom Shop Custom. It is the best guitar I have played, and I instantly love it.
  9. Yeah, if you sell to them, you are obviously in dire straits. Oh well... my gain.
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