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  1. That's a beautiful top on that one.
  2. I love Alpine White, Ebony and Wine Red. As far as the translucent finishes, I'm going to have to go with Iced Tea Burst and Rootbeer.
  3. I say ebony. It seems a little more playable than rosewood and gives a slightly brighter tone.
  4. Sweet guitar dude. Welcome to the Forums too.
  5. I change strings about every three weeks (so effectively once a month), as far as what strings to use, I've been using Dean Markley Blue Steel for years now and find them to be great strings. On my Les Pauls I use .10-.46 Blue Steels, on my PRS it's .08-.38 Blue Steel and on my Ibanez it's .09-.42 Blue Steel. If Blue Steel is not available at my local shop for one reason or another I'll go for DR Tite Fits in the appropriate gauge.
  6. Peavey and Marshall are both good brands for the most part, but with Peaveys, I'd stick with the all tube range, with Marshall, try to stick with something made in England, as in my opinion they are superior. The English Marshalls will be considerably more expensive, however, in the new sector. In my opinion, the best all around Marshalls are the JVM and if you can find one used, a JCM 2000. For Peaveys, you can never go wrong with a CLassic 30 or Classic 50, or if you need something with a little more punch to it, a 5150 II or a Triple XXX can't be beat. Personally, I play a Peavey D
  7. Thanks, they'd be absolutely perfect if they had a 50's neck, 57 Classic/57 Classic Plus, or 490R/498T pickups and a more conveniently located pickup toggle switch. As for the rootbeer finish, one of my absolute favorite finishes on a Les Paul, right up ther with Alpine white. If only I could get a Les Paul Traditional Plus with a rootbeer finish.
  8. I really like my DC Pros, but am still partial to my Custom and Traditional Plus because of the 50s rounded profile neck. What I can say of my DC Pros is that they are nice lightweight guitars that are well balanced and have great upper fret access. One of my DC Pros has Duncan pickups and the other has the stock Burstbucker Pro pickups. To be honest, I'm not a huge fan of the Burstbucker Pros and would rather a set of 57 Classic/57 Classic Plus in their place, but I'm leaving that guitar stock. For the most part, the DC Pros capture the LP tone in what some call a more playable packa
  9. I have a white Les Paul Custom that was brand spankin new in November, as in I ordered it back in September and it arrived in the box to my dealer in November. The box wasn't even opened when I went to pick it up. I have noticed a couple of things with this guitar's finish, it does in deed turn a more mellow cream colour (mine has already started doing this in a couple of places), and it does indeed suffer from leeching as it's termed, to wit, it had some burgundy that had leeched into the finish from the case lining in it around the neck binding from day one. Nothing that can be done about
  10. mwink822

    DC Pros

    Beautiful DCs you have there. And yes, we should start a DC club. Sadly, since I'm at the office, I can't upload any pics of my DC Pros.
  11. mwink822

    DC Pros

    Is it me or do the Les Paul DC Pros seem to get short shrift? I have two of them with the old rootbeer finish that I really enjoy playing. Is it possibly due to the fact that they're not a 'true' Lester for the purists?
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