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  1. You have to be invited in Canada due to restrictions from the CRTC. If you can get an invitation (like what happened when they first launched Google+ was in beta) you can block your IP address and activate your Google Music account in Canada. It doesn't matter if you use it in Canada, they just won't let you activate the service with a Canadian IP.
  2. That would be Halifax, Nova Scotia sir. Funny enough my missus went out and bought it for me today to give me as a surprise after no luck in Halifax. She's a keeper! I'm in the process of importing it to my devices now. Cheers,
  3. I went to HMV but they sold their only copy they ordered. Halifax just doesn't have a great appreciation for the blues sadly.
  4. Hey forum crawlers, Do any american users use Google Music? You can't get in in Canada without doing a few steps first and one of them is someone inviting you to join. Can anyone invite me to get me started? I can share my gmail address in a PM. Any help would be much appreciated! Cheers,
  5. I was on a similar pharma and I decided I didn't want to take it anymore. I'm still nervous but it's not covered up and pushed down anymore, it comes and goes freely which is easier I find. I totally bombed my intro to Pride and Joy in this Youtube video, so I know all about nerves, lifetime in-fact. Here's what I do sometimes when it's bad. If you're feeling overwhelmed by a client/teammate/bandmate/boss/or a girl you just can't get up the nerve to talk to remember this one thing. Everybody Poops. Now I know that's kind of a strange idea, but it really humanizes whoever you're intimi
  6. I really enjoy the Dirt racing series but I haven't played it much as of late. Most of the gaming I do is social, play an hour or two with a few close friends online and have a laugh and also a yell from time to time!
  7. I almost bought the Epi Nighthawk reissue they did, but they changed some what some of the wood and components were from advertised to floor, so I spent the cash on a Standard Strat instead. While I didn't really answer your question, I didn't make it any worse, either.
  8. This is what I was talking about, and a few others name dropped too. George Benson, playing "Sunny"
  9. Thanks for backing me in the Jazz thread, I find we agree more than we disagree Daryl, so that's cool!

  10. I'm learning more about Charlie Christian and George Benson right now. If you like jazz, and guitar then you should too.
  11. It's been a while since Band, but aren't the notes on a bass clef two notes down from a treble? I.E a C on a treble is an E on a Bass? I didn't think there was anything to it really? I've been wrong before though.
  12. Yeah, poor Rory doesn't have a lot of exposure over this side of the pond, at least in Canada. It wasn't until I began my own journey through listening to great guitar albums that I heard about Rory Gallagher. "Can't Believe it's True", "For the Last Time", "Laundromat", "It Takes Time" are some of my favourites to name a few. I can say for sure though, my years of listening to local "Classic Rock" FM Radio stations never ever played Rory, or a lot of other legends. Shame really, instead we get Brian Adams every fourth or fifth song. [sigh] Anyone who listens to Rory wouldn't und
  13. Whatever it is I love the sound!
  14. I posted this in the pedals thread but I'm just so taken with my Diamond Fireburst pedal I decided to give it it's own thread. Here's what the pedal looks like; Here's me playing Clean then turning the pedal on. It's recorded from a digital camera so the audio quality isn't great but it gets the point across. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q-TfGmCAWgE So is it fuzz? Whatever it is it's a blast to play. Highly Recommend.
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