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  1. Thanks for backing me in the Jazz thread, I find we agree more than we disagree Daryl, so that's cool!

  2. So glad I saw the light early before Josh and his company started to take off!
  3. You could almost make Kimbabig's purple zebra amp stand using that kind of wood Josh!
  4. I think I finally figured out how to clear out my inbox haha

    should be able to PM me now

  5. Hey Dub, I wanted to chat with you about DIY pedals, but your inbox is full! Drop me a line sometime.

  6. Bring it to Halifax and maybe we could do business! Seriously though someday I want a British made Marshall to plug my SG into. Maybe when I have a house to put it in.
  7. Looks great Josh! The only thing I could think of for positive input is maybe next time put the Atlas logo ontop of the spiderweb so it looks like your logo is lodged in the web!
  8. Hey Josh, long time no talk. Hope things are going well! I know when I eventually get into a house with my future wife I'm going to want a marshall and something to put it on, so stay tuned and keep up the great work!
  9. Go say hi to new member at Gibson "Vista" -- another gal for the forum- with SWEET gear and great knowledge of her stuff -- posted intro in New Members. ASAP!

  10. Cheers to you. Human nature in history is so amazing isn't it?!! So inspiring and great in so many ways :) and at the same time so many mistakes too. You are right it is certainly a collective learning experience.


  11. That should say "at the suggestion" sorry!

  12. Maybe I'm just cranky because it's Monday after a long weekend? No, I studied history as my major and I understand well how we have to keep our histories in mind so that we may better ourselves as a people and not repeat past mistakes. Though I was a little hurt at suggestion Matt! It's all good now no worries!

  13. Thanks for replying Brandon, please don't take it down though. It is my mistake for misunderstanding the meaning and reading something negative in it that wasn't there. Cheers for being cool about it


  14. What? No it was meant in humour, referencing the American revolution from England, compared to Canada's relatively quiet separation from the crown. Thus the slamming the door v the checking in on quiet Canada reference. I guess I should take the post down, sorry Matt.

  15. not what some people hundreds of years ago did.

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