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  1. Me too. Let's all just get fat, drink cherry cola, and watch tv for the rest of our lives. The Carlin piece was funny though.
  2. female power vocals are making a return. You don't have to look like a supermodel.
  3. nice ending! what are the odds!!?
  4. yeah, it's fine. I remember thinkin "Start Me UP" was stupid back in the day. Not so.
  5. Jagger's voice is still great. it's a good song. the video is fantastic.
  6. Didn't mean to imply that you don't need a 355. Just got sidetracked with the 335 post.
  7. A 335 is all ya need.
  8. I'm a Vox man through and through.
  9. a rekkid called thickfreakness? sounds like a horse's name. but I like it.
  10. the vocals are still pretty darn good!
  11. T Bone Burnett produced a few Kottke records...I think this was one of them. I attribute a lot of the overall vibe of stuff like this to T-Bone, actually.
  12. I was offered a bass gig with one of my favorite nashville bands 2 years ago. I was offered the gig based solely on my personality - I was friends with the band and they were tired of taking grumpy bass players on the road. They knew we'd all have fun and get along. BUT I had never played bass before, only guitar. In Nashville, that's no excuse. You just do it. The band gave me a list of 30 songs, mostly original material, mostly country and honkytonk material. So the bass lines were all, for the most part, country. I had 3 weeks to shed before our first 5 night tour. I split the list in half, promised the band I would have 15 songs for the first rehearsal. Motivated by: (1) fear of embarrassment, (2) the desire to keep the gig, (3) the desire to become a better musician, (4) Nashville expectations -- I learned the country bass style and soon discovered that what seemed like a lot of notes to my ears was actually formulaic patterns. I showed up after one week to the first rehearsal and nailed 15 songs. One week later, I showed up to the second rehearsal and nailed all 30 songs. We had a dress rehearsal gig, then went on the road. It went great. Fans familiar with the band knew I was a new face, and everyone asked me how long I'd been playing with the band. Nobody knew that, at the time, I'd only been playing bass for 3 weeks. the moral of my story: Jump in and swim. But don't be stupid. Do your homework. It's the only way to get anywhere.
  13. The new Standard P-90 had rosewood. The Standard w/Bigsby was mixed. Some made it out with rosewood then we switched to Richlite.
  14. Don't let Roger fool y'all. He used to pick in most of those dives. Worked his way up to a dive bar in DC called The White House. true story.
  15. nice photos. looks like you were close!
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