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  1. Just finished an experiment with my 63 SJ. A couple of days ago I placed it in front of the open bathroom door covered with a handkerchief except for the hole, during a 20 minute shower that typically sends steam the 9 meters to the closest windows and further.


    The guitar was extraordinary light weight which made the tone porous and the 3 high strings slightly unsupported, so I wanted to add more body. Don't know if anything happened. Then the day after I placed 2 smaller perforated plastic boxes with wet, not dripping, sponges inside the guitar in the closed case for about 20 hours - (okay removed one of them after 12). Think that worked. The guitar feels a little heavier and the tone is now somewhat grounded. The thing is that I didn't quite know what I was doin'. When to stop, if I could have gone further or went to far. How can one tell ?

  2. Lark Street Music in Teaneck, NJ is about the nicest place around here for Vintage.




    Been looking at that square shouldered 64 SJ from Lark Street since summer, even posted a pic of it here. Got my own 63 in the meanwhile, but when I revisited for another look recently, I saw that the one their site was exchanged. Same guitar, same burst, same year and so, but another ex. (if my hawk eyes don't fail me).


    Well mine is a little too dry and porous sounding in the high area. In fact it's under humidifying treatment as I speak, to see if I get a bit more body to the ultra thin lightweighter. Apart from that it's a lovely old Gibson, holds a marvellous bass and has a lot of soul in there.


    Did you try the one in Lark St. and if you did, how was it ?


  3. Normally I live in a larger Northern European city - in this phase I'm on some kind of remote 'acoustic island' where the theme is to sink deeper into different stuff. That how there's time for the frequent Forum-visits and the reason these concentrated experiments with various guitars takes place. It's a self-chosen state of being - has nothing to do with booze nor drugs or 'broken legs' - and is meant to last a year. 6 month in by now and still up'n'rolling, , , or should we say down'n'flowing.


    Admit it's a rather lucky, even strange or otherly situation, then again guess it's deserved - and maybe just in the cards. Won't describe details, but there is a reason I ended my first posts here signing them 'the acouStic moNk'.


    I simply have unplugged my way into a 6-string exile.

  4. Cover art INDEED! I love the ol' "California Girl" case sitting open in the right front of the picture. AS IF it had just 'delivered' that SJ into his lap....



    Yep, and look at palette - every colour is there (even straight blue in the leather reflections) and they hold back the hue in perfect balance. I'd call it a painting -

    Wonder what he was playing. . .


  5. The point with the 90 degree angle is right on. We need to press the saddle downwards as much as we can to generate tone. Regarding the up and down belly, I can't believe the difference is that big. There might be a difference, but it won't be the one between Gibs. and Mart.


    grampa - When I looked at jannusguy2s beautiful 2004 Western Classic in the NGD thread, I thought the same thing. Those holes in the moustache, , , are they pos. due to a freer vibrating top or neg. for lacking mass in the crucial area where everything starts ? ?

  6. Last day of the year 10. What a finale. Not only G-girls picks went to the washing machine, everyone took a spin. We could call it a 'one decade to another catharsis' or just a sober 'raise your voice and speak out loud'. And the Forum sure did. Guess everyone cleared their mind for some moments of overall consideration - Things happened. Small changes were born and windows were swung and kept open for fresh air and oxidation.

    Won't go into more complex analyses (just relax), but I think it might have been healthy.

    What thrills me is the fact that most of the posts revealed satisfaction with the arena as it is. Many expressed positive, even warm thoughts and feelings for the way things are unfolding here on the shelves. The main pattern of the multiple texts shows a thumbs up for the free speech and spirit of the Board, and though only 19 - 20 when E-minor7 casts his vote in - did click the pole, it still speaks a language of enjoyment. I guess we can conclude the temperature : HOT !




    Only concern for me is that we could have lost some names during the heated hurdle. I wouldn't like to see bkharmony disappear, neither could any of us be pleased with Buc drifting into obscurity.

    Not to mention the standards of Mister jt (who promised to send Nash my regards) - a forum without this gentleman would be down right unbearable.


    larryp58 said it best : Let's all start the New Year on the same page! (and the same Forum!)







    ! Yes, same page but all the different voices in the world - Happy Next Year Everybody ! G68card.jpg

  7. Might be a good idea. Same thing with the saddle, string, pins sector.

    Two Q.'s here :

    The - in my opinion - very important acoustic samples, A-B tests, all the good people who set sounds to sights by playing certain riffs, then picking, then strumming a certain model etc.

    Do they count as performances or demonstrations ?

    Is it possible for a person with an audio-clip with f.x. a 90's J-45 to deliver his bit on a '90's vs. 00's J-45s' thread ?

  8. I know this is a Gibson forum. But this thread opens a possibility to slip in some other brand-Q's. As Guild is mentioned so many times here I thought someone would know :


    Heard that firsthalf-70'ties Guilds are very good. Is there anything to it ?


    Are the 60'ties models better than the 70'ties ?


    Can anyone tell if the D40, D50 and D55* is worth goin' for ?


    And last, are these models* from the early 70'ties scalloped ?



    Hope to hear from you -

  9. Did you ever consider that some of the lesser experienced voices here (and I in many ways am one of them) might have just wanted to touch in and be a part of the circle. Like when you were - not bird nor fish - but a 13 year old kid dropping by the bigger guys down in front of the kiosk to feel the vibe and breath a little heavier oxygen.


    Why not let the lightweights answer the lightweights, the mids the mids, the strict the strict, the silly the silly and so forth - others will take care of the chaos - and then btw be controversial as a member of The Fugs if you like ? ?

    bkharmony - You might be ready for the next incarnation - hope you move the right way.

  10. There is a nature or a rhythm to a forum like this which doesn't deviate from the mechanisms of most other things on the planet. Some older units will get tired of recycling the same themes over and over and eventually withdraw - in the world of elephants they are called roncadors, those big 'has beens' that leaves the flok and goes solo (overhere at least). At the same time new blood will circle in and for them things will be, , , yes, NEW ! Of course they can research on their own, but it's no crime to ask about things which are common knowledge for the old guard (after all there only so many sides to acoustic guitars). It's the way everything moves and always has moved forward wherever you look.


    If some veterans can't stand repeating a topic, then don't. Jump over and party on the advanced shelf somewhere - and be a 'newbie' there yourself. Meanwhile let the beginners, the half experienced or whatever listen, question and learn. And let the associations fly free as long as they spring from our Gibson source. As I see it, the Forum is meant to be a mirror ball representing all levels, facets and angles. To edit or cut out topics, ideas, questions or philosophies or keep the ball from rotating would never work. This is a micro society folks ! Guess you figured. Everyone counts and contributes.


    And who is the wise man if he ain't got listeners anyway - A long forgotten stone burning lonely under the dessert sun.

  11. Aarrrhhh jt, steady now ! Don't back off for a little wind though the window. Your tests have been enlightening for others than me and they belong here. Please don't be offended as I and probably many more sit here waiting to hear the Holly-guitar. It would be absurd and I just won't accept it.

    Look forward to open my ears in your direction in holy 11.

  12. I wondered about Buc too.


    As a relative newbie, I don't have the finer touch on the 'historics' regarding this forum, so it's interesting to hear things have changed (or developed if you like). Of course I have checked a lot of the earlier post by clicking back on random sides and specific topics, but I'm not really able to tell.


    Others can and they hereby do, , , good.


    I my opinion the Board should be open for both concrete, tight, scientific talk and more abstract, even whimsy stuff. The readers are guitarists, musicians, songwriters, poets - string-playing free spirits over a broader line, who - obviously if we look at it - are difficult to box in. They/we need space to dream, babble and fantasize a little.


    Regarding the sonic samples and video performances, I cannot see why they shouldn't belong here. This is after all about sound.


    Still it's a good thing to bring the issue up. Should the Forum be tightened or go on as it does ??


    ! Think it's time to make a poll !

  13. I can't offer much information on modern SJs, but here's my video comparision of two 1943 SJS, one mahogany and one rosewood (like Woody's):





    Another great situation there jt - good stuff. Though the rose is louder and clearer, must say I lean towards the mahogany. Comes out mellower to these ears, more rounded and together (but that's how I always feel about the hogs, still I know others perceive it differently). Both guitars have a strong bass, the rose-trebs sticks a bit forward and might be preferred in a 'thicker-traffic-mix'. Still, playing into the sunset - without being 100 % secure - I'd reach for the hog.

  14. But might it not be just the colour of the pearl?


    Doesn't look like the pearl version, as far as I see it's the 2004 good older golden one. I kind of like the shade. . .


    (J-45's can take it. . . .)

    By the way, do you know if your neck differs from 08 09 00's ?

    (I meant the guitars neck vily ;)

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