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  1. For a tad more (ok probably $200 more) you can get a new 2015 Gibson Special DC with P90's and a Hard Case. I've played a few of these (always had another call on my cash just as I was about to pull the trigger) and they are REALLY really guitars. This isn't a generic Epi good but Gibson better post but simply, in this case, the Gibson is staggeringly good and staggeringly good value .
  2. I'd be VERY surprised if your guitar was wired with coax. Also the vast majority of pickups are designed to be High Z as Low Z ones would be very noisy in a normal amp due to the low signal strength. Any additional increase or decrease in impedance from the internal guitar wiring would have a negligible effect on tone due to the very short length of the wiring involved.
  3. Interestingly I also have quite small hands with slightly stubby fingers but I absolutely loved the neck on the 2015 LP Special DC. Having said that I like the profile of a 58 LP neck so fat wide necks are my preference.
  4. I know this might seem slightly heretical but I would suggest you take a serious look at the 2015 Gibson LP Special DC. By all accounts the majority of the Gibson 2015 offerings are rubbish but the Special DC is an absolute steal. OK it comes with the weird tuning thingy but it isn't actually intrusive and is easily replaced if you want but the neck is gorgeous, the P90's are some of the best Gibson has produced for a long time going from sweet to snarl without becoming harsh, the body is light and resonant and best of all - it's stupidly cheap (£589.00 inc hardcase in the UK) Unlike the maj
  5. Not certain if it is a genuine Elitist but on the basis of the photos it looks genuine. Priced at £600 so seemingly a bargain. No skin in it (if I had the cash I'd poss make an offer but alas skint!) https://www.facebook...&type=1 https://www.facebook...&type=1 https://www.facebook...&type=1 https://www.facebook...&type=1
  6. Exactly Generally the difference between high end and budget laminates (at least in terms of guitar construction) is the choice of filler wood in the laminate along with the thickness of the outer laminates. In a budget guitar the outer laminates may be effectively veneers whereas high end guitars the outer laminates will be of similar thickness to the filler layers. I don't know for certain but I wonder if the Casino was designed with a 5 ply laminate top as opposed to the ES330's 3 ply top as a way of addressing the fact that pop bands were playing at higher volumes (hence greater po
  7. I think you'll find that the bracing on the 2015 (i.e. basswood) is probably the same on the 2014 and has nothing to do with top construction. The maple/poplar/maple of the ES330 refers to the laminate top ply spec (i.e. 3 ply) whereas the the Casino is 5 ply.
  8. If we go by all the classifieds then seemingly it's any Epi built in Korea because they're SO much better quality than anything from Japan or China - apparently! On a more serious note - are we talking Pre or Post GIbson Epiphone guitars cos there's a huge difference.
  9. Might not be bogus - I had a similar experience a few years back with a MARANTZ CD 63 Mk2 Ken Ishiwata Signature player which I'd won at a real giveaway price. The buyer refunded the money and also cited a family emergency so I contacted him querying this and it transpired that the actual seller had suffered a major heart attack and was in intensive care. His son had cancelled the deal because he didn't know when (or even if) his father was going to be coming home, he obviously had more important things to worry about and didn't want me hanging on and on as he felt it would be unfair to me. We
  10. Hate to say it but most of what's been written above might apply to Gibsons but NOT to Epiphones. The Plain tops, Plus Tops and Quilt tops will have a different veneer but the underlying construction will be the same (other than the Ultras no Epiphone Les Pauls are weight relieved) AFAIK the only real difference between the Pro series and the rest are the pickups.
  11. Had terrible problems keeping my LP in tune when I bought it which was cured completely by replacing the badly cut oem nut with a correctly cut one. Cheap(ish) fix and well worth doing before anything else on the guitar.
  12. I've always adored the look of the T Bird bass but for various reasons have never got round to actually playing one until today when I had the chance to drop in to Dawsons Music in Basingstoke. They only had the Classic IV-Pro in white (which I think looks awful compared to the Vintage Burst) but I reasoned if I closed my eyes I wouldn't be biased by this. First impressions were pretty good, felt really comfortable both on the strap and sitting down, but there was something which didn't feel quite right. OK the setup was terrible with really light strings and an action so low there was buz
  13. One thing I would seriously council is, if you are going to swap out either the pickups or loom on ANY semi or hollow body then it makes massive sense to fit the loom with some form of quick connect. That way if you ever feel the need to swap out the pickups down the line it is a 5 minute job rather than a couple of hours of swearing and frustration. Actually I would suggest that once you've got a good wiring loom in ANY guitar then quick connects are the way to go.
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