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  1. I would have preferred a vintage sunburst but just so glad to find one here in Sweden with a set neck. Also I am sure if it plays well and sounds the way it should I will grow to love "Blanche" even though she is very pale next to my other three epi's the Sheraton on the right is for sale to bring in a Riviera. Maybe that should be "Cherry Red" then I will have a nice spread of colours. Peter might have put on the right road there....... Just got to sell a little gear now and balance the books.
  2. It will look like something from Star Trek next to other guitars do wish it was a Vintage Sunburst but set necks on Epis with minis are rare in these parts so I had to strike while it was going....Changed my mind I am going to call her "Blanche" "Misty" Levin 335 "Annie Mae" Emperor II "E-by-G" Sheraton II "Blanche" Firebird V "??????" Riviera Yes that will do....:-
  3. Fair comment enjoy the May project...it is a fine looking guitar.... I must admit your acoustics and sherri give me thoughts that break the 10th commandment... "You shall not covet anything that belongs to your neighbor" Please forgive me Teegar....I was raised a Catholic I will have to go to confession.........I think my thoughts will cost me a lot of Hail Mary's and a good number of Our Fathers.....
  4. Deal done she's (EDIT: He Firebird all white, Albino Firebird,......This one is called"JW") mine............. :- [biggrin] [biggrin] Pickup next tuesday........the guy says I will not be disappointed....
  5. Hi have always searched for a through neck Epiphone Firebird and could only find bolt necks.... I stopped working last June but had a little hobby money. Buying an amp on Saturday and looked inside my hobby penny jar and it is now empty. But I have lots of good stuff to do with the gear I have bought recently. Then in my local town 17 kilometres away this looms out of the murk like a great white shark and bites me in the ***.... An Unsung Korean Firebird serial nr:u07081553 with Seymour Duncan Firebird pups and through neck for us$600 Could do my split Firebird pickup experi
  6. Carverman - Musikron would these do the trick http://www.tubedepot.com/6aq5.html If so then transport is my big problem....Russia is "close" to me and there are overnight ferries from Stockholm to St Petersburg....maybe the Russian mafia can source some for me......:) If I can source them I will need some tips on getting the longest life out of them, Swedes love their guitars and it is especially cool to have vintage gear, I am sure I will be able to source here......... just price. Is it a tube that was only used on amps...... did it have any other applications.........
  7. Teegar How did it go with the Wilshire are the NY Mini reproductions the problem or the wiring. Hope you got them too your liking anyway. Are they they Gibson vintage minis or ones Epiphone have reproduced? Either way I hope they are sweet for you now. With a guitar like that has it is advertised you should not have had those problems.....that is pretty poor. Would love to try one of those out probably not available here I saw one repro Wilshire with soapbar P90s....... but just found this on Thomann is this the same guitar?? http://www.thomann.de/se/epiphone_aged_wi
  8. This is like Cluedo I loved to play as a kid, the murder was committed in the Gibson room, by Professor Plum, May 11th 1993, with the bandsaw........shame the victim died after surgery.......well played everyone.........:)
  9. Three of us should pool some petty cash and we can have a piece each .....what a freaaak.....such a shame....must have been a beautiful guitar before the chainsaw massacre....
  10. Absolutely beautiful thanks for sharing...... Your acoustics are stunning........
  11. Thanks Carverman Once again I find your depth of experience extremely enlightening and helpful. I pick the Pacemaker up on Saturday morning if all goes well when I test it out. I like my Peavey but I never venture out of clean and rarely use the reverb I stay with it on the A setting. I am not swapping my Peavey for the Pacemaker in a literal sense. Both amps will be here next week. This will be the first time I can really check out two amps back to back. The Pacemaker will cost what I paid for my Peavey second hand and can get selling it on. In that sense it will be a
  12. I am in the market for a Riviera it must be Japanese or Korean. I remember from previous threads that the peerless Rivieras are nice and I may be interested in an Elitist if a fair price. My questions are the guitar I am looking for must be stock and have frequensator and minis. Did Peerless make them in this configuration I found one and it had full size humbuckers? Which Rivieras 1980 to 2000 had minis and frequensator?
  13. Thanks for the heads up..... My wifes parents got me a subscription to a fishing mag as a Christmas present will drop some heavy hints about this if it can be made available to Sweden. Also, Teegar you are gentleman with fine tastes post a nice photo of your harem sometime soon when you are not too busy.
  14. Thats understandable but you have done a good job and saved yourself future problems and disappointment. Now go find that "real" bargain JP and you will be well pleased I am sure...there are good bargains out there I got mine half list price second hand and she is a beauty. Good luck and good hunting post when you have found your JP
  15. Just a couple of things, size of the f holes my 1997 Samick "appears" to have smaller f holes than this one and the photo of the more recent JP earlier in the thread. Just an observation. Dough I recently took an interest in a guitar called the Washburn Washington J9 which is a thinline full hollow but has a fixed bridge like this "JP". Could you look inside and see if there is not a full centre block but a small block just to accomodate the bridge that is what the Washington has. But is still classed as a full hollow. It is certainly strange seeing a "JP" with a fixed brid
  16. You guys crack me up this a young guy in an apartment block recording a bit of fun for youtube. Of course the amp would sound better on a stage in a better space and to start comparing the lad to Kenny Burrel and Wes Montgomery........Have you two lost the plot.......
  17. To complicate things I agree with you AS90 SPY I will swap you my "Joe Pass" TRC for your Epi Logo....... I hate having Joe Pass on my Emperor II.....
  18. here Dough this may help.... very bad photo but looks weird to me....... can you a sharp photo close up......... I need Carverman to see this....
  19. Carverman I was going to mention this yesterday....I am 53.......had an acoustic around a long time but in all that time, "modding" meant changing the strings about every five years.... Due to work, I played very seldom over that time. I have only really taken an interest in guitars since last August 2009, due to an enforced spell of unemployment due to medication, I have to take for a condition I have. So, over the last 6 months, I have bought five guitars, and played more in one week than I played the whole previous 20 years. The learning curve has been immense, but of cours
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