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  1. Well my parts arrived Some black pickguard material.....I have made templates for 2 pickguards. I took images of an original 1959 Levin 335 pickguard and Sheraton 1 1964 pickguard (for my E-by-G) and scaled them in photoshop to make the templates. So just to get those cut out, finished, and drilled. The Sheraton pickguaard will have a 1964 foil Epiphone logo. I have bought two mandolin style brackets gold for the Sheraton and nickel for the Levin. 4 witch hat knobs for the Sheraton with gold pointers, and a black switch tip. My only two disappointments the glass slide
  2. Muffin is that the first time you have seen Svet's collection....yes it has that effect on people just send your trousers to the dry cleaners, and put it down as a pleasurable experience, were nobody was used....smoke a cigarette, and then have a coffee I did and I don't smoke or drink coffee.....Pheww...... they are fine.......
  3. Hi J I had a bit of a "Road to Damascus" experience a while ago a sort of "DoHHHHH" experience... My guitars at the time Joe Pass (2 full size humbuckers) 87 Sheraton (2 full size humbuckers) 89 Sheraton (2 full size humbuckers) Samick SG (2 full size humbuckers) in four guitars 8 full size humbuckers of various qualities Then I thought.....I need a re-think and get some variety in there Now here is the hard part.....I really liked the Joe Pass and 89 Sheraton but sold them and put the money to a Gibson Firebird Also brought into the fold a ZBD with three
  4. Welcome TR I have PM'd you.......post some pics man......
  5. There is a fantastic Wildkat for sale on this very forum.....Sledge57 is man you should talk to.... http://forums.epiphone.com/default.aspx?g=posts&t=12098
  6. You are possibly over sensitive and paranoid. No one, in any way, has said you "committed a crime", just that the context was about guitars around £350, of course if you want a real Firebird it will cost...around £1300 that is all, that was stated......suggestion toughen up or see a shrink....
  7. [YOUTUBE] [/YOUTUBE] this is mine Epiphone based it on this guitar [YOUTUBE] [/YOUTUBE] [biggrin] [biggrin] [biggrin] [biggrin]
  8. Yes and what a hefty price one has to splash for that thru neck plank......I have just paid that heavy premium for the "real deal".......the white set neck Unsung epi was a fine guitar for the price......but if you want a "real" Firebird then there is only one place to go....
  9. Hi Lin689 Firstly welcome to the forum..... Epiphone make some good Firebirds they have set necks and Firebird mini humbuckers......... What I just do not get is when they cut a piece of wood the shape of a Firebird body, screw a bolt neck on it, then put "full sized humbuckers" in it............in my honest opinion that guitar is closer to an SG than a Firebird..... I very nearly bought the best Epiphone has to offer in Firebirds that Unsung set neck model......the guy wanted 4500 swedish krona.........I saved my money and sold my Joe Pass and added a little more and have
  10. Yes long wait at Thomann for Firebirds as well.....website speak with fork tongue....
  11. A guitar I bought recently from 1999 my Peerless ZBD 87 Sheraton has the 5 piece neck but 1999 Peerless ZBD has a few signs of of glued joints that could be vulnerable in certain situations... Certainly not as robust and confidence bulding as the 87 Samick Sheraton neck... EDIT: but just posted after a session with the ZBD beside my Sheraton, I love this guitar......unplugged it astounds me.........
  12. I only own three Epiphones 2 guitars and an amp I would not part with any of them and the necks suit me fine........ My Sheraton, Zephyr and Pacemaker..........I will never be Epiless
  13. That is ridiculous......second hand guitars fetch a good price here in Sweden and $625 would be the absolute limit for a mint condition cased E-by-G completely stock and unaltered. I am sure and if you look though this thread you will find a beautiful white E-by-G went for around a $500....(the only white one I have ever come across) I will check that now....the Baccy Burst in the first link went for $749 and the white one in the second link for $520 Tobacco Burst E-by-G on ebay white E-by-G on ebay So your seller is living in cuckoo-land diverden.....
  14. Hi I bought mine for 2700 swedish krona $375 and I consider one of the best guitar deals I have done. Mine has a few slight nicks and knocks but nothing that stops me loving the guitar....In fact I think this particular Sheraton is all the better for it..... I was willing to pay up to $625 if in immaculate condition with a case (that would be a fair price here in Sweden...mine did not come with a case). PM any of the 9 owners listed for further info. If the one you are looking at is late 88 it may not have the easier access via the bridge route which makes these great guitars
  15. Was changing the strings on my Zephyr yesterday and my favourite strings just about manage with the frequensator and all is OK but I got to thinking..... My Zephyr will always be completely stock. The only thing I would ever consider replacing are the pots and only if ever required. Which I do not think is the case at the moment. So, I do not want to change the tailpiece bracket, but would like a solution for a bit more reach for the bass strings. I would like a spare long section of the frequensator to replace the short side. But another thing I thought of was buying a casino sty
  16. hey muffin you already started a thread about this your previous post on this how many threads are you going to have about this just "bump" the original one man........thread pollution......:-) EDIT: Jerrymac if you look in..... do you have the answer to this........ how can I find out........how long the Zephyr Deluxe was in production and how many were made...????
  17. Michael Read my experience similar to yours on the link http://www.josephcooper.eu/rewiring-my-epiphone-joe-pass.html and just imagine instead of the SD's you use your 57's (though you could get a set of specially handwound cheaper http://www.tonefordays.com/ ) I sent David at mojotone this template and he made a modified Mojotone 335 assembly to fit my Joe Pass no extra cost. (Sold the JP to get my Zephyr but that JP was awesome Michael sold it for $625 to guy who plays just Jazz in his 60's and he loves the guitar.) here is the template I sent to Mojotone just tak
  18. It is with great sorrow and a trembling lip I have to report that JoeSamick has left the forum......... He let it be known that he wishes to spend happy days practicing with his beloved 5 guitars. He enjoyed his 6 months on the forum and now wishes to ride off into the sunset....... Therefore the E-by-G members club is closed at nine members.............. of course the thread is here as a resource to all E-by-G owners of which I am one to use as a reference. Also anyone with questions about 1986-1988 Korean Sheratons now have 9 forum members they can PM for information.
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