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  1. Hi Teegar HNWD!!!! Does look "new" next to your Blackstone. I am bringing in a solid body to the fold myself. I pick up a Samick SG Saturday morning..... Very cheap, second hand, lovely condition. I like your choice of introductory tune for your Wilshire....Baby Please Don't Go.....very nice, I have picked up a teach yourself Santana DVD, http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=120313921091 I will try to teach myself a little "Black Magic Woman" over the weekend. Enjoy the Wilshire
  2. Look at the axe Johnny Depp is sporting......... from this great blog http://www.3-string-guitar.com/
  3. I would like to see these: Limited Edition Elitist Epiphone Zephyr 311TN inspired by John Lee Hooker :) Limited Edition Elitist Epiphone Firebird with Lollar Firebirds inspired by Dennis Coffey [cool] This is the Gibson Firebird Guitar Dennis Coffey used on most of his sessions. He purchased this guitar used in Detroit in 1964, and is his best all around session guitar.
  4. How is this for a large piece of "Gorgonzola" I have bought a "Samick" SG If I get to really like the guitar and it is a keeper.........What if I modify the headstock...... Is that classed as "Cheesy"
  5. It would have been helpful early on if you would have explained what guitar it is for and confirmed if you wanted dog ear P90's or whatever so we could know what you are replacing...
  6. But the key question is Strum was your post spacing the dreaded 71-72 or the more normal 74mm..... my 87, 89, Sherri's are the dreaded lesser variety... 74mm large bushing bridges are readily available... http://store.guitarfetish.com/labutustgobr.html this might be useful as a reference for how to measure post spacings etc
  7. Hi Harryn Can you post photos that might help you, also we could make you E-by-G owner # 4 ....... and if you could post a photograph of the serial and the headstock......... as I am trying to gather information about the differences between the 86, 87, 88 E-by-G's in this thread, it would be much appreciated. We have 6,329 registered forum members and have had 3,015 visits to this thread. Astounding........still only have 3 proven owners of "Epiphone by Gibson" Sheratons on this forum. NaturalScience2112 (E-by-G Sheraton owners club # 2 (tobacco, sn:6066698)) Musikron (E-by-
  8. Yes...much heated discussion in another thread about finishes are you going nitro or poly on this one.....yes get that baccy burst on there first and put "Epiphone by Brian" on the headstock that would be cool (probably get banned for that suggestion)
  9. Noticed I didn't own a solid body guitar......saw on Swedish e-bay.....this Samick SG $138 (1000 swedish krona) I have a pair of SD Jazz/JB coming out of the JP that might spice it up....... cos I am putting Mean 90's in in the JP......I will finally have a guitar with my alter egos name on it.......I might write Joe above the Samick on the headstock..... and yes strictly one in one out from now on......mind you do Cigar Box guitars count......
  10. Brian that is fekkkkkin cool what does it sound like......track down one of those teisco pups Ry Cooder uses.........Just had a thought Cheech and Chong would love this guitar.....plenty of compartment space.....
  11. Cheeses.....I thought this thread had died a death a long time ago...... The assembly is on order and once I have finished the mod and tried this out I will post on the results..... I have to try this or I will always wonder...... If it don't come off then at worst I have pair of Lollar Firebirds in a Sheraton...... seems like a win win to me...... I am curious........ I have just got a hunch, I am going to like those Firebirds in my E-by-G.........
  12. Please excuse my warped sense of humour......enjoy [YOUTUBE] [/YOUTUBE]
  13. Carverman wrote: I went for the GFS tom and jazz style tp on Carverman's recommendation and am currently waiting for the black Mean 90's from GFS which are currently on back order. Looks like this now...... I wish they made a thinline Emperor II I would love one of those.....in Natural.....preferably with mini humbuckers....sorry just day dreaming....(I was looking at my avatar.....sigh)
  14. Photos would be really useful.......... I have a 97 Samick Joe Pass which has an S before the serial so it "might" be the case your Emperor is a 89, where is Carverman when you need him.... He would be the guy with the answer this....... Photos are essential for clearing this up.. I think...
  15. Usually, soldered tight and you will need to use an iron to sort it, Musikron will sort you out I remember something about a really hot iron and working quickly as the soldered joints are usually quite substantial. You might be lucky though the pups on my Sherris are sort of glued and on one pup the cover is actually free. but usually soldered like this with two lumps of solder Ease them out and check the backs, also if potted you will have to remove wax after taking the covers off they might not look pretty... I plan to take the gold covers off my SD Jazz/JB in the futur
  16. New Sheraton in the UK (GuitarGuitar) £429 New Sheraton in Sweden (Musikborsen) £658 (we pay a lot of tax and if I bought in the UK on delivery I would probably have to pay the extra tax anyway, plus dhl) Guitars are expensive in Sweden, but so is everything...... New Sheraton in Sweden bought from Thomann £446 (price on their Swedish website 5,083 Swedish Krona), plus dhl Thomann makes sense if you live in Sweden.... Only, as recently as last October, 2009, I bought my first electric guitar, and I now have 4 guitars, 3 electric, 1 acoustic, all I have bought second hand. The second
  17. Just got a mail back from the guy it is a bolt neck and made in Korea around 2004-5 hardly been played, and very near perfect nick, straight neck, We can meet up on Saturday and I can try it out, and if it is a sound player I will keep it and if not I will just sell it on, I will have to learn a little Santana I always associate Carlos with and SG.......:-) Cheap and hopefully not nasty and fun......:-)
  18. I have mailed the guy for more information I am hoping it is a set neck but at that price it would not break my heart, also I am hoping it is a Korean rather than a Indonesian build. I was thinking of selling the amp on right away for about $25 they go for that price and someone will find a use for it. That would mean if the SG feels good, I am getting it for $125 that has got to be an OK deal. I do need a solid body and it has got my name on the headstock.....looks like it is worth a look at.....
  19. Hi Everyone Chewy stuck a maggot in my brain about finding a cheap SG to host my Seymour Duncan jazz/jb set I will have spare pretty soon. I do not own a solid body guitar!!!! I found this, looks really nice and in very good condition it is not an Epiphone it is Samick on the headstock. Something tells me Joe Samick must have this SG and it is going for $150 with a small marshall practice amp thrown in..... Does anyone know anything about these Samick SG's....?
  20. Great Job Brian so what made you go for the 6 string option those 3 string slide boxes are real "dust bowl" blues material any plans for one of those... this ones a bit Bo Diddley cross Delta [YOUTUBE] [/YOUTUBE]
  21. To be fair I don't think she would ever object to me buying a guitar.........just hanging a "Wangcaster" on the wall' date=' was her "bone" of contention, what kind of guy would want to do that and why........? The guitar is a phallic symbol anyway without any gross overstatement, just check out many of the avatars people use. Disclaimer: This post is in no way intended to undermine or deter any forum member who wishes to hang a Wangcaster on their wall. You may not have elderly female relatives with dodgy hearts. This is a personal decision taken by my wife and I, that no Wangcasters will a
  22. LOL, my wife was sitting behind me as I was looking at the forum and spotted the "Wangcaster" as dry as a bone she said "Well, if you get one of those, your not hanging it on the wall..."
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