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  1. MykWiz Yes I have measured mine today around 72-73mm that is why I wanted to clarify with Noijj about his spacing. My two bridges are fine at the minute bit "if" I ever needed a replacement I may speak to a Luthier to take the existing bridge - bridge bushels out tightly glue in two appropriate pieces of wood when all settled and fast drill to fit a Gibson 335 bridge. I would rather pay to get that done than replace all the hardware to chrome. If I ever have the need for a new bridge I will have that fully researched as an option.
  2. Posting photos At the top of the box when you post you see for bold for italics and so on, you see a little picture of a mountain click on that and it gives you [img][/img] if you have a photobucket account upload your photos and cut and paste the link in between the img tags... [img=http://i979.photobucket.com/albums/ae271/JoeSamick/Levin-1.jpg] you can embed youtube in the same way using the [bB/] button [YOUTUBE][/YOUTUBE] and cut and paste the youtube link in between the youtube tags... [YOUTUBE]http://www.youtube.com/watc
  3. Noijj what is the pole spacing on your Sheraton??? What is the weird spacing??? Was your Samick bridge more or less than 74mm? Where did you find the the one you have that almost fitted and did after a tweak? Did you try the GFS gold 74mm bridge..? Post spacing is 2 7/8", 74mm http://store.guitarfetish.com/labutustgobr.html
  4. Then, I think they are under 74 mm on my 87 and 89 Sherri's. What is the span on your E-by-G Musikron?
  5. So If I get this straight you can buy from Absolutemusic UK a MIC Riviera for UK£299 - US$465 (is that with a case, also I see "only 1 in stock") and you can buy from Thomann a MIC Riviera for UK£349 - US$545 (is that with a case) and you can from Maxguitarstore a MIK Riviera for UK£526 - US$818 (without a case) that is a lot of nice rivieras coming on the market Question: why is Epiphone making differing Rivieras in Korea and China and releasing both on the European market....are both marked Elitist...be great if someone could gauge these side by side quality of
  6. Where do you measure to take a post spacing? 1) centre to centre on the posts 2) the innermost point of each post 3) the outermost point of each post ps. the floating ABR bridge on my Joe Pass in my signature is a GFS bridge also the bridges on my two Sherris 1987 (E-by-G) and 1989 seem identical close up...
  7. Animalfarm.......... do GFS have a bridge to replace the Samick Sheraton bridge?
  8. Two things: 1) UX wrote: I assume you mean "Epiphone by Gibson" (E-by-G). 2) Jerrymac wrote: Thinking laterally, has anyone ever had a luthier replace a Samick Sheraton bridge with a standard 1980's "Gibson" 335 bridge? I am sure that would be possible, there must be a fix.....
  9. I think Musikron might be referring to what appears to be a bar across the joint which you can raised under the finish. Like Jerry said the MIJ's had an extra screw. Maybe during this period they may have put a bar across for extra strengthening....just guessing, maybe Jerry or Musikron have seen this before on other builds..?
  10. Hi Louiedot I would tend to go with AS90. I have two Sherris and I would love to put a frequensator on my Samick '87 model. However, the more I research the more I am going off the idea. Aesthetically they look beautiful, but then I would have the headache of what to do with the holes and even though I have a couple of good ideas, it will still always stand out as a modified guitar, with a fix to cover two big holes where the stop bar was..... Apart from that in the case of the frequensator there are restrictions on what strings you can use. Also the question of what effect will t
  11. smips65 wrote: The one in the link looks like Musikron's Sheraton, which he holds in very high esteem. The more I am learning about these guitars, the more I am so pleased I got mine for $375. I was looking for a reasonable priced Sheraton to modify, so basically I wanted the basic construction of the guitar to be sound. What I have learned....... these E-by-G's have a very sound construction, the ones I know of have access to the electrics via the bridge pickup cavity, which makes assembly modification less tricky for the average "Joe" like myself...:-). I have seen
  12. blueser12 wrote: I am new to the electric guitar also. I was very close to ordering a new Sheraton from Thomann who supply to Sweden here where I am based, it would have cost me around $800 with delivery. I probably would have been over the moon with the guitar, and it would do everything I want. However, I always loved that Zephyr John Lee Hooker had and the early Sheratons, they mostly had mini humbuckers. So I knew if I was going to get a Sheraton (for total price around $800), I would be modding it. It just did not feel right buying a brand new guitar and ripping the g
  13. Jerrymac wrote: Jerry, yet again via this thread and what I have learned so much from yourself, Musikron and AS90 it has been great. The history of the various production methods is fascinating. The use of extra screws by Matsumoku seems to be a quirk of their production. Can't seem to find evidence of it in Gibson 335 production, but if someone handed me a guitar to identify, these are all sign posts are they not. If I found a screw in the tenon joint, I would hopefully remember Matsumoku as a possible source. Having both a 1987 and 1989 Samick Sheraton's, both with
  14. OFF SUBJECT: CB wrote: Lennon was played by Ian Hart an actor from Liverpool when he made "Back Beat" He lived at the bottom of Lark Lane not far from me, and is partner at the time Lynn Curry worked with me in the media department of City of Liverpool Community College, Riversdale, we shared an office. Ian used to come in and have a cup of tea and talk about Back Beat I think they were in Pre-Production at that time. Ian has gone on to do great things....even Harry Potter he was Professor Quirrell http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0001324/ Edit: WOW Just found this in Ian's bio...
  15. Just checked my 1989 Samick and it is also long tenon like the E-by-G but does not have the cavity access via the bridge.... Epiphone Sheraton Samick 1989 neck cavity Epiphone Sheraton Samick 1989 bridge cavity (not going to be able to rewire this guitar via the bridge, will have to be the dreaded f hole method...)
  16. AS90 wrote: So in a nutshell, it not the size of your tenon joint, but how you use it....and some have more natural mojo even if their tenon joint is not the biggest...... I have heard this kind of reasoning before but not about guitars...I suppose it is the same principle....still reassuring to have a good length of tenon joint.....methinks...:-
  17. Yes, my E-by-G for $375 is looking better and better all the time, and I have you to thank Musikron, for the advice to snap it up, thanks man..... so Musikron wrote: So what you are saying is that the original Sheraton I and the better built Sheraton's MIJ. Elitist, etc have this joint. So, it is the same design as the Gibby 335, long tenon. So when did they start with the short tenons on the Sheratons...?
  18. OK took the neck pup out of the E-by-G.........................Is this short or long....................and what is the significance...... Alright I see the wood for the trees now thanks to AS90's two examples, thanks AS. See this is why it is good to cross reference with my E-by-G owner Musikron. I would have not known what to look for. Must check my 1989 to see if it differs. tenon of a Gibson Es 335 '63 Historic Block reissue made in Nashville 2006
  19. Musikron wrote: Had both out but just took photos of the bridge thought you might have been able to tell from that as I have no clue what it is I should be looking for. Edit: Right what I will do is take a look at both my sherri's later and take a couple of photos of what is inside the neck cavities.
  20. Musikron wrote: To be totally honest Musikron, I aint got a clue what a "long neck tenon" is, but I think I am going to find out soon... I took two photos recently when I had the neck pup out maybe you can see from these and explain to me what they are?
  21. AS90 wrote: Nothing to do with the headstock really....... if you read back in the original post. Also, Jerrymac has raised some of the points in this thread. It is more to do with serial numbers, and gauging the quality of the first, Korean Samick, post MIJ Sheratons. The internal construction. and so on. is different and the point of getting a list of the owners, is so we can compare notes and see how these early Samick Sheratons. compare to other Sheratons. So, not really anything to do with the E-by-G on the headstock, other than, that denotes the 1986-88 post MI
  22. UncannyXman wrote: I forgot to say if you do choose the 'Epiphone by Gibson" (E-by-G) then don't forget to join the E-by-G owners club.... all information on the post link below..... http://forums.epiphone.com/default.aspx?g=posts&t=13095 We have 6,212 registered forum members and have had 2,431 visits to E-by-G owners club thread. and astoundingly........we still only have 3 proven owners of "Epiphone by Gibson" Sheratons on this forum. NaturalScience2112 (E-by-G Sheraton owners club # 2 (tobacco, sn:6066698)) Musikron (E-by-G Sheraton owners club # 1 (natural,
  23. Hi oaksbe Not sure about the bikini girl............nah, not for me......not on a sherri anyway.... chrome hardware....... nice..... BK Stormy Mondays bet they sound sweet, good choice.......
  24. Hi Cosmitron I know nothing about the Coronet...Single coil, P-90, in bridge position, solid body.....that guitar is built to a specification to do a specific job, what is the history............ who thought up the design............ and what genre of music was it made for............ Where can I find "that album" where the tone is that....Coronet....sound............... tele, strat, 335, all distinctive. That is a very distinctive guitar construction you have there, I am intrigued, what is the story...? Fine licks and very interesting ending to your video.....
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