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  1. As90 wrote: Teegar wrote: I would not pay $2000 if you can still buy one mint for $1182...........??????
  2. Musikron wrote: Defeats the whole purpose just for a set of strings.....Brianh, pointed out the Gibson L5 ($7.99) strings have the extra length and I suppose would sound fine on that Emperor...So what strings do Riviera owners use?????????????
  3. Jerry wrote: Jerrymac please educate me......frequensator on the Emperor......Why is the short arm on the treble side when it should be on the bass side. What is the point? I thought the (questionable) design required that the short arm be on the bass side......
  4. My dream guitar went for $2500 on e-bay a while ago. If I was going to pay that type of money it would not be on an Elitist it would be on one of these: http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=150403630583&fromMakeTrack=true&ssPageName=VIP:watchlink:top:en 1958 Epiphone (thinline) Zephyr http://forums.epiphone.com/default.aspx?g=posts&t=13123 For $1182 whoever got that first Elitist got a good deal and it will keep its price. My E-by-G is pure experimentation and if those Lollars start to sing in there, I certainly would not trade it for a n
  5. AS90 wrote: The only Elitist I have ever seen for sale was EpSheriMan's and that had a bigbsy which was not my cup of tea. But we did discuss it. I only have my two "Proletarian" Sherri's where would someone find an "Elitist" and what is the going rate for one in good condition. Paid $373 for my E-by-G, plan to spend $427 on upgrades (top class assembly-split coil-pull-push pots, 2 Lollar Firebirds) that will mean I have a fine, fine, guitar for $800....... (Here in Sweden the best price I have seen for a brand spanking new stock MIC Sheraton is $800, my E-by-G will have far
  6. Jerrymac wrote: Thanks for posting that Jerry I have just learned something. They are similar but the MIJ had very different f holes....mine is 87 and Musikron 86 will have to check the f holes on the very early 1986 Samicks to see if any have those f holes like the MIJ's. Thanks Jerry I never cease to learn stuff from your posts...
  7. Jerrymac wrote: That is an interesting statement Jerry, I remember Musikron saying that in his opinion, the weight and construction of his E-by-G was much more like better Japanese Sherris. Maybe in the early days they went by the Japanese model. One thing is for sure, too many people seem to say the early Sheratons are "generally" fine guitars. I am very happy to own two. EDIT: By the way Jerry did you see this Teegar found on e-bay maybe this is like the E-by-G you owned http://cgi.ebay.com/Epiphone-by-Gibson-sheraton-WH-electric-guitar-white_W0QQitemZ120523176423QQcmdZVi
  8. Brian good suggestions......but I am leaning towards two stars and SHERATON in a smaller nicer font chrome lettering if possible to match the hardware..... ps. you have changed your avatar from avatar to a line of freaky "thalidomide" horned guitars.....
  9. Hi UncannyXman Another thing you may want to consider is that some are easier to modify the electrics on than others. I have a 87 and a 89 they are virtually identical the 87 as two key differences, "Epiphone by Gibson" on the headstock and cavity access under the bridge pickup to allow me to feed in a new assembly. I remember Musikron posting about this and there was a big cufuffle because Musikron said you could access this way. The thing is Musikron's Sheraton is an "Epiphone by Gibson" headstock and his also has this access. It might be the case that many of these E-by-G's have th
  10. Hi leinster10 Welcome...If people mod Gibsons (I have only seen these covers on e-bay advertised for Gibsons) with a bigsby or trapeze tailpiece they would use one of these to cover the stop bar holes just fill the holes with doweling and pin the plate into the doweling. for example You will find these on e-bay but they are very expensive for what they are...$245 for a hole cover......?????? http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/GpVC-Gibson-ES335-ES345-Custom-Made-Plaque-1960s-NOS_W0QQitemZ370317518220QQcmdZViewItemQQptZGuitar_Accessories?hash=item5638a4e58c I am planning to put
  11. My JP is 1997 here is a pre mod and present front and back When I bought it front after mod Same old back its always had good luck with your reasearch
  12. Wrighty has your friend got the following: 1) 8 fingers and 2 thumbs of adequate length. 2) average or above intelligence. (besides your opinions of his purchasing habits) 3) a modicum of manual dexterity 4) access to the internet 5) nous to search youtube for beginner guitar tutorials. If your friend has the above 5 pre-requisites, let the poor man be. I started my adventure with electric guitars about August 2009 prior I have had a EKO Ranger 6 for past 20 years...it has followed me on my travels with work, Liverpool to Brussels to Paris to Cologne to Copenhagen
  13. Gord wrote: You see that is what I love about this forum. I'll make sure all is tightened up correctly. I am not sure about the relationship between the tuner button screws to the internal mechanism is.......also I have not changed the strings on that guitar since I bought second hand......also I will pop the bridge off and lube it and check the saddles. I think the nut is fine, but will double check......thanks guys. I am thinking about going all chrome on this guitar in the future anyway. and if I do, for the price I might as well try a set of those chrome imperials, the
  14. Sweet as a peach that L-20 I had a quick look here in Sweden and only thing close is a Gibson L-130 Manufactured in: Bozeman, Montana/USA and it is selling for $1,760.................... I can pick a nice Levin parlour or texas for around $200 and the Levins are the company that Martin bought to make their guitars all hand made in Gothenburg. On my budget it has to be a Levin...all things considered http://www.blocket.se/sodermanland/Gibson_L_130_24876411.htm?ca=11&w=3&last=1
  15. How is this for a conspiracy theory. A devious Epiphone plan, to impregnate cases with a slow releasing gas that induces GAS attacks in its victims, thereby stimulating profits...... Everyone of the the Man from U.N.C.L.E era, will know that this sort of thing was pretty common on 1960's television series......
  16. Replacing a bridge is a bit of a lottery on Sheratons all depends what year it is. I would like a chrome bridge for my 1987 Sherri but not sure where I can find one to fit..
  17. Hi I have got my my three Epi's and have noticed that one of my Sheratons is just not staying in tune as well as my other two Epiphones (+1 Sheri and a JP). 1) Can you service the tuners, will it help if I just tighten everything up? 2) If I do have to change the tuners on the Sherri I will probably go chrome has anyone used GFS tuners I like the look of these... http://store.guitarfetish.com/fusichgrimst.html Would they be a straight replacement for a Sheraton...?
  18. Hi Telesheraton Welcome......It is an Epiphone I have a 1989 Sheraton....does yours look like this Generally we say on this forum if there are no photos, it don't exist...good idea to post some photos of your guitar, it would help, also the serial should confirm the year, factory, etc. I agree with you I love the older Sheratons...
  19. myztk wrote Right on the button, that is why I am leaning that way, nice compact sized flattop that can give me a Delta Blues vibe and also just use for a few view Dylan, Morrison, singalong songs and also great playability. Pity we don't live close to each other you could come round and ejoy one of my Sherris and I could try out that Bluemaster. Your point about temperature fluctuations is a good one. Guitars need a set up fine tune winter and summer here in Sweden. Is there a Epiphone or Gibson equivalent to the Levin Texas model 27 I wonder....what size and tone is your Gib
  20. myztk I love your Bluesmaster. Would love to try one of those out......I assume by the cover it has a truss rod....disadvantage with some of the vintage guitars they don't have a truss rod... I am hunting for my 5th and last guitar (I only have room for 5, besides the wife would kill me) I have 3 Epi's and a Levin acoustic archtop. My 5th guitar will be a parlour style delta blues flattop. I will go for a Levin as the are top drawer, if you get a good one, and you can get a vintage one for between $135 to $270 here in Sweden. here is a Levin parlour in action [YOUTUB
  21. When I was looking around at cases I found these plexiglass flight cases.....3900sek $532 each That is a fair bit more than the average price I paid for each of my 4 guitars.... But my, my, wouldn't it be nice to have each of my guitars in one of those, so I could still ogle it while it was sitting snug and safe
  22. Peter wrote: So Peter, jcwillow77 says his Gator 335 case was too short for his Sheraton, is the Lucille shorter than the Sheraton....? The Gator would be my choice but if it don't fit a Sheraton........will have to be a Thomann.
  23. We must be lucky in the nordic countries in Uppsala they got an Epiphone case for my Joe Pass it only took 3 days. I actually keep my Levin in that case as I could find any other case to fit it. http://www.musikborsen.se/section.aspx?id=1010004 I need a case for my E-by-G Sheraton, I am weighing up whether to pay 1101sek $150 for an 335 Epiphone case http://www.musikborsen.se/itempg.aspx?id=744545&artno=134315 or 629sek $86 to go for a Gator 335 PVC case http://www.thomann.de/se/gator_gc335_guitar_pvc_case.htm my other Sheraton came in one of these
  24. A big bonus for all E-by-G Sheraton owners, it will be "probably" a lot easier for you to mod your electrics...... I have just found out something that has made my day..... Musikron once said you can wire some Sheratons through the bridge cavity...many argued with him that it is not possible. It is one very difficult job trying to work through the f holes when re-wiring, so bridge cavity access is a big bonus here. The variable is...... Musikron has an 1986 Epiphone by Gibson headstock Sheraton....the one I am working on is a 1987 Epiphone by Gibson headstock, like Musikron's a
  25. Guest


    I have just ordered a set of hand wound humbuckers for my 89 sherry. I am dreading the brand new gleam...... I like the character of the aged slightly tarnished look. That is why I am on the hunt for and older frequensator as well. I accept my two Sherry's are 21 and 23 years old. I personally want them to keep their character I might even attack my new pups with something to age them "a little". You sneaky devil......enjoy your illicit Sheraton, just as the mature guitar she is....don't go dressing her up as "mutton dressed as lamb"
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