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  1. Hi Tulsa thanks for vote for the GHS's It will have to be those if I cannot source the DR Big n Heavy's BB King likes to bend a string now and again and he uses a similar set....but even heavier on the bass side B.B. plays with a style that matches his intensity, and every note he plays has something vitally important to say. This unique string set is B.B.'s own special gauge, meant to give your guitar a firm, yet extremely playable feel. The pure nickel wrap yields exceptional tone, from the lows all the way to the highs. The premium Swedish steel "hex" core means your guitar tunes u
  2. I know this is being picky but Thomann stock the "Dimebag" signatures which are the same gauge as what I want http://www.thomann.de/se/dr_strings_dimebag_dbg1052.htm I presume these will be different (maybe brighter or something) to the "Pure Blues" Big n Heavy (probably the same strings in a different packaging) even though the correct gauges. Again like all the other outlets I have tried Thomann have the DR Pure Blues regular 10's. Jeez, with all the online outlets available, all I want is a place where I can buy a few sets of DR Pure Blues Big-n-Heavy strings.....is that to
  3. shipping cost for a heap of stuff I just bought from guitarpartsresource was $15 You can get normal DR 10's and 11's regular set no problem here , it is just less standard gauges like the Big n Heavy that are the problem to find. So, I suppose I should try a little longer over here, then if it is not happening, I might take you up on that offer Musikron you can give me a price for 10 or 20 packets of the Pure Blues big n heavy and then slap on $15 for the postage. Alternatively...if anyone on the forum works in a place, or knows of a place, that takes online orders for these plea
  4. I have been trying to source DR Pure Blues Big n Heavy 10 13 17 30 44 52 strings on the net and here in Sweden very difficult to find But I can get a brand I had not heard of before GHS Guitar Boomers GBTNT 10 13 17 30 44 52....... Anyone using these are they any good......$11 a set here in good old Sweden...
  5. YEP.... Up to a few weeks ago my Peavey was the only amp I had ever used.....then I bought the Pacemaker and could A/B for the first time....just a few weeks ago......so YEP I have just figured it out I am learning new stuff every day.... It's great..... [biggrin] [biggrin]
  6. Vomer I done the same on my JP went full hog and changed out the pickups as well...it might be a longer more convoluted method in the end but it does in hindsight, seem a cleverer option to just change the harness first, give it a couple of weeks to really test out the stock pickups and then if still not totally satisfied then change the pickups. But there is also something else that really shocked me recently. Check this out My 1989 Sheraton (I have just sold) My 2002 Samick SG Both have stock pickups I have two amps Peavey Valveking 112 on this amp the SG sounds great
  7. OK I agree with Musikrom the recipe on the "Woodo" Mahogony through neck sounds more like what you find on a firebird than a tele......wonder what the Woodo would sound like with two firebird pickups being a mahogany through neck.... So it seems three ways to go 1) look for 90's MIM and route the neck myself price unknown 2) Fender Squier Vintage Modified SSH 3223sek....US$450 new from Thomann 3) Fender Squier Classic Vibe Telecaster® Custom (need to know if this is ready routed for a mini as Mike suggested) 3766sek....US$526 new from Thomann I think ideally
  8. That looks like the type of guitar that is really comfortable to play sitting down NOT......That thing is scary.......a two head Firebird monster....the twin neck version makes what I feel is one the the most beautiful guitar designs in the history of the guitar look downright ridiculous...a great example of when more is less....IMHO....two guitars pleas one six string, one 12 string, but not on the same guitar....if it is a Firebird......
  9. That's a bold statement ST why is the Tele so special why doesn't everyone need an SG......Sounds like you are a big Tele fan....
  10. recent outgoings Zephyr Firebird Sheraton going to the luthier Even with what came in from selling my JP and 89 Sheraton the tank is empty just now........should be in a position to get a Tele in about mid June (birthday have to start introducing the wife to the word "Telecaster" ) or early July.........It will replace the SG in berth 5.... Up to now I like the through neck woodo and classic vibe.....the woodo is a bit more expensive but a through neck ebony Tele at a good price....that is a big attraction....even Svet would be interested in one of those I think.......he showed
  11. Thanks Rich I have just read very good reviews about these....and you say there is a mini humbucker option...
  12. Thanks I will keep that option floating.....but those woodo guitars have my interest I have just e-mailed them to ask if they route one for a mini humbucker, a small company great wood and fantastic prices also 14 days return policy if I don't like.....could be worth a pop....a through neck tele for that price .......
  13. AS where can I find one of those...do you have a outlet....
  14. Scratch I am devastated got this this morning from the luthier I was recommended to use. He is supposed to be very good so I will have to wait.....it is killing me......but if he is good of course he is going to be busy.... Hi Joseph! Thank you for contacting us. Right now we are extremely busy but I will come back to you next week for further details. Best regards, Hans Ad Lib Guitars
  15. Found this interesting but no cigar....a through neck tele......but no minihumbucker these are amazing and reasonably priced ......real wood.....made in Sweden http://www.woodoguitars.se/ this guitar new costs $680...£440...through neck, ebony.......WOW http://www.blocket.se/stockholm/Woodo_GTC1_Ebony_NECK_THRU_26611885.htm?ca=11&w=3
  16. Yes that is what I am after http://www.thomann.de/gb/fender_vintage_hot_rod_52_tele.htm but for about a 1/6 of the price Scratch I am a long way away from any guitar shops....I think in my whole life I must have spent a grand total of about 45 minutes in guitar shops every guitar I own was bought second hand, my old acoustic in a pub in Liverpool and all the rest online...I will search for the thumbpicks online..... GASSing for thumbpicks as it come to this......my lord.....
  17. No got to be a mini in the neck like the one in the youtube vid......want it to try out different mini pickups.....just a long term project of mine possibly in the autumn. I was going to use the SG I have but that has full size buckers so I was thinking of replacing the SG with a Tele with a mini humbucker in the neck position....the idea is really growing on me...
  18. Old Scratch and Bluser12 are going see a bit of development here..... In this Youtube clip the guy is playing with his thumb (I don't use a pick and play with my fingers, my thumb doing most of the work). The guy has a pick on his thumb "me wants to try that" where can I find one, or a few of those (see Scratch I eventually had GAS attack for a pick we live and learn, then GAS ) SECOND QUESTION: which is best affordable (mid range) Telecaster with a mini humbucker in the neck..... [YOUTUBE] [/YOUTUBE]
  19. Hi Peter I will do that or maybe he is already here.........I never thought of that...... The ad was only in one day and I also posted in the trading post section. Good idea I will invite him. I think you would like this guy Peter, he is the guy playing the hollow box and Ibanez in the videos on the website. When Blues DeVille play a gig I can get to, I will try and get a video of the 89 on "stage", and post it in this thread.
  20. Sold my 89 Sheraton last night and the guy is over the moon with it. He is the guitarist in this band.. http://www.bluedevilles.com/ I could not be happier that my 89 Sheraton went to a blues band.....
  21. Not after that injury time own goal by Jagielka......GRRRRRR Do you not fancy two big fat soapbar P90s in your wine red LP that was the point I was making.....Is there such a beast......or do the P90s just come in the Gold Tops...? I never thought I would be able to get a Gibson Firebird but I culled these two with what I got for them and £160 I have a brand new Firebird with delivery sorted just a bloody long delivery wait. Glad I made the decision to cull the excess out of the herd though....but I can tell you it was hard parting with that Sheraton and Joe Pass but
  22. Fill your boots it looks beautiful.....I am just anti red you know why.....I was thinking of buying a Riviera......cherry....."shudder"
  23. Just out of curiosity L35 how many guitars do you own and how many have two humbuckers..... Would a red one sound any better?
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