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  1. I'm a little late seeing this post but wanted to add a reply as I have a similar set up. I have the identical amp, a 1960 GA-5T that I love playing my '47 ES-125 through. Tone that just takes me to another place! I recently purchased a Gibsonette GA-8T, also a 1960 that I don't even have my hands on yet but have great expectations for! I will give you an update once I get it, just after Christmas. Play on!
  2. Thanks for sharing your thoughts! I went ahead and purchased the amp based on my intuition haha. Haven’t seen it yet in person but it looks clean in photos and comes with a thirty day warranty. It’s not tweed but that cream colored tolex. I will give a little review once I have it in my hands. Cheers.
  3. I am seeking input from others who are familiar with the Gibsonette. I already own a fine GA-5T with a replaced 8" speaker and it sounds wonderful. Is there much to be gained by adding the 1960 GA-8T to my collection? It has both depth and frequency controls for tremolo. Thanks for your sharing your thoughts!
  4. that's so exciting, hearing that thing wail! thanks for your efforts, Jon!
  5. I used to have one of those B-25-12s with the wood bridge.. I think mine was a '63. It was the best sounding twelve-string I ever came across.... full of great mid tones without boomy-ness... enjoy!
  6. ok, here's the latest: I put new tubes in and it ran quiet but the tone was not what it was before so I used deoxit on the old tubes and put them back in.... there is some crackling still on startup and even a little hesitation with the volume dial (?) but then it all quiets down and sounds great. Somehow I have lost my tremolo though! It was working fine when I got the amp less than two months ago but now there's no tremolo at all. I think it might have been damaged somehow when the grounded cord was hooked up incorrectly but I'm really not sure and I'm at a loss for how to fix it. Suggestions are welcome.
  7. man, those sure look like nice amps! I've been seriously thinking about acquiring a similar one lately.. do you think that would be redundant with my Ga5-T or not? I am especially interested in their recording potential but maybe a Ga-8 would be adequate for smaller gigs too. thanks for any input!
  8. I got the wiring squared away today... the repair was graciously done for free! thanks again for the explanations and diagram. When I started it up afterwards the god-awful squeal was much shorter in length and not as intense... still there though. I have no idea why that would have changed but it did. I ordered the suggested tubes and they're on their way so I will start swapping them out soon. I have also been thinking about getting a replacement speaker to have on hand and would welcome suggestions for that. here she is before I had the cord changed:
  9. I greatly appreciate your input! I will keep you updated as things progress.... it's such an awesome amp.
  10. thanks much for your help with this! some photos:
  11. Thanks for checking in! I recently acquired an awesome ga-5t that just began to act up: upon startup in begins crackling and then an ugly squeal..... that stops after a few seconds and then it's quiet again and remains that way until I turn it off. I haven't had this amp very long, maybe a little over a month now. I just had a grounded cord installed and I wonder if something done then might be contributing to the problem. It wasn't having this issue right after I had that done but within a week or so. I'm a total newbie with a few tools..... are there some obvious easy things to look for or should I just take it back to the repair shop? thanks much!
  12. I am about to be the proud owner of an early '60's Skylark with tremolo and appreciate your taking the time to show your recording tips!
  13. here's a pretty good video showing Amy and her band. like the previous poster stated, the guy playing the lg-2 is outrageous. If anyone has ideas about how he achieves that sound, I'd love to hear about it.... what pedals, etc.
  14. I have the retina model 16gb and I don't think you can go wrong with it. I use mine for song writing and editing with the Apple Pages app that I also like a lot. I also will take quick videos of myself when I have ideas I don't want to forget. Don't know much about the earlier models but I think the newer models keep getting faster and the cameras get better. An ipad update will probably be happening before the holiday season so expect the current models to drop in price. Good luck!
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