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  1. Actual paying gigs are scarce but I live in wine country near Bordeaux and usually get paid with a case of wine which works for me. People seem to like American music. cheers
  2. That’s a great song, thanks for sharing ! I live in France if you’re ever over here look me up. cheers
  3. I make a real strong tea out of grated ginger and water, that’s all. Bring to a boil, strain and refrigerate. It works great to clear throat and vocal cords. I also use honey as a gargle. Buckwheat honey is the best. Pineapple juice sounds like a good suggestion too cheers
  4. Yes that’s pretty much my story. I used to kick myself for not buying a ‘49 J-45 years ago but I think now that my new Standard has the tone I have been after all along and without the issues that can come with vintage guitars. I have a ‘47 lg-2 for vintage tone comparison. The Standard has more sparkle (or whatever!). I was given no discount on the price. Had I kept it I would have said something I mostly agree. Great music does not require a great guitar. To me though a great guitar inspires me to play more so it’s worth the price Yep, that’s what it’s all about. cheers!
  5. thanks dhanner for input on swapping tuners. I will probably look into that as well as replacing the thick pickguard. To all else please rest assured I am not going to mess with the finish. I will spend any time wasted with that playing this wonderful J45. cheers
  6. I know I am blessed to have gotten the Standard. I had a J-45 years ago and it wasn’t in the same league as this one and this recent experience just confirms how good it is And it’s interesting that I wasn’t the first one to send that Vintage back. Someone had already taken the plastic film off the pickguard and it was scratched.
  7. I love my J-45 standard (with the heritage cherry burst) so much I wanted to try it out vs the Vintage so I ordered one online to compare one vs the other. I even imagined keeping both if they were both stellar, though that would have stretched my budget. Anyway, I think I have a superb Standard! The Vintage had a bit more of a cut with the red spruce top but the Standard was warmer, more rounded, and louder. I was really surprised to find some cosmetic issues with the Vintage as well. The fingerboard, on one side at the top of the neck, had some rough spots that never should have escaped quality control. There was even a slight dent on the top of the guitar that was strange, but I probably could have lived with if I had been thrilled with the guitar otherwise. So, I sent the Vintage back yesterday. If it had been the same price as the Standard I still prefer the Standard but as the Vintage was twice the price, it made the choice easy. I’m sure I got a great Standard and I’m sure there are much nicer Vintage’s out there, just not the one I received. cheers.
  8. I consider myself lucky to have found a J-45 Vintage still for sale here in Europe where I live. The big dealer here, Thomann, isn’t getting many of the nicer Gibson’s in stock for months.
  9. Thanks for your input Em7. I bet that D35 sounds awesome. I like vintage Gibsons. I have a ‘47 lg-2 and a 47 es-125 and I have a new J-45 Vintage that’s supposed to arrive on Monday. It will have all the attributes I’m looking for in a j45 but I will never get rid of my standard. I like the vintage feel so I would like to give the standard more of that. maybe wet sanding with very fine paper? cheers
  10. The finish on my 2019 J-45 standard is heavier than I would like. I have read some reports of thinning the nitro down a little with light sanding but I’m unsure if this process is complicated or advisable. I would appreciate hearing from someone with actual experience. I’m also thinking about swapping out the Grover Rotomatic tuners for some lighter-weight more vintage looking ones that don’t require much drilling to install. Recommendations appreciated. And finally, my awesome guitar has one of those thick pick-guards that I would like to replace for a thinner, vintage look. Again, recommendations greatly appreciated. cheers.
  11. Didn’t get a chance to play the mahagony-topped version but no doubt it’s sweet too!
  12. I have the Waterloo WL-14 When I was at Guitars etc in Longmont, CO I compared the ladder-braced to the x-braced and chose the ladder-braced. I had never heard such nice tone out of a ladder-braced guitar, plus I had a x-braced vintage lg-2. that is hard to beat The ladder-braced didn’t have the sustain of the x-braced, perfect for blues etc Thanks for your suggestion Blues 777. Unfortunately my guitar funds are running low after recently acquiring a new J-45. More on that soon. Cheers.
  13. I don’t think anyone has mentioned the modern iterations of the Gibson L-1. I had the model with the Robert Johnson « signature « on it and I am still in disbelief that I sold it over ten years ago. I had some other modern L-00s that were lacking something and I parted with but that L-1 was a very sweet blues guitar. I can still imagine hearing those ringing trebles!
  14. Congrats on your new Lg-2! I have a ‘47 model that is an incredible guitar and I hope I get a chance to compare it with one of the new ones soon. Like you, I find it such a comfortable and rewarding guitar to play. I think Gibson really has the vintage thing dialed in well these days.... absolutely great guitars coming out of Bozeman. Vintage tone with modern playability , what’s not to like? I just bought a new J-45, 2018 model, that has everything I look for in an acoustic guitar. Great compliment to the Lg-2. cheers
  15. Nicely done! Great tone out of that guitar. thanks for sharing!
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