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  1. Yep, probably. I'll probably end trying to get my own hands on both and giving them a try. I know in the recordings I've hear there's a fairly distinct difference but would still love to hear any experience. p.s. I didn't fall for it. Not looking up H, Lazy H, etc, bracing. Nope, staying strong. 😄
  2. @tpbiii thanks so much, Tom! Your recordings are very very helpful. Much appreciated.
  3. I figured I'd open this can of worms. I keep circling back to ladder braced guitars. The few I've played really stick out in my memory in a positive way. Those of you who like ladder braced guitars, have you compared a Waterloo WL-14L and an LG1? What have you liked about each, pros/cons of one over the other in general (knowing individual instruments have personalities all their own)?
  4. oh man, that is sexy. Yes, I would like to have something like that for sure! I just don't think that I can justify the dinero. Besides, I like dirty tone isn't that the basis of the LG1? I didn't realize that - thanks for mentioning that.
  5. Stirring it up again I see! 😉 Man, those do sound good though and no doubt have a solid following for a reason. I have to say that I like the tone of my LG2 better. With that I think I've got modern wood covered so I'd really like to try some old wood so I'm heading toward an older LG1. I have been talking with several folks out there and have found some semi-local inventory that I hope to try out when time and pandemic allows.
  6. @BluesKing777 I'm thinking my budget is more 'mid 50's ugly functional'. I'm ok with wear and tear that doesn't impede playability and tone, Previous repairs, neck sets, character marks and eventful history as long as it sounds great and plays well (but won't be a near future project) are all ok by me. My styling preferences are more 40's/early 50's. How's that for an answer? 😄 . I'll have to get a copy of that book, thanks! Random question that has come to mind as I hunt... is a shiny (oversprayed?) bridge a common thing on these? I noticed that on one at Retrofret. And regarding the F25, one just came up on reverb yesterday that looks nice.
  7. Looks like the pick guard is pretty loosely attached? Looks to be a fantastic deal to me. (and I might be interested if you don't go for it! 😄 )
  8. I'd say that's more practical than heretical. But I'm not an expert on either. I do have a 2020 LG2 that I'm crazy about. That's what got me chasing this rabbit to the source so to speak. It's pretty fascinating to me so far.
  9. I'm thoroughly unwashed so that's a great point to consider. I've found a few looking at some of the sexy dealers. Their prices are high but about what I'd expect and about what I'd expect for the knowledge and experience that goes behind buying from people that know their stuff. Much preferred to buying off a person on FB marketplace asking $3500 for an LG1 that has been sitting for 30 years in a Texas attic. Thank you. Bummer that one '44 maple body eluded you. Never know why sometimes but I think if we knew everything then we'd have a miserable life.
  10. That's a good point and something that I'm weighing. I enjoy working with my hands and fiddling with stuff but I'm not so sure I want to open this door.
  11. Excellent, thanks! That changes the budget considerations considerably. Thanks @Dave F! There's also a 30's L00 in Asheville I just saw. This time I'm going to try to stick with the LGish range.
  12. Thanks BK! I tried to edit after posting that as I realized it was too much, but the edit function was gone. Oh well. I agree though, way too much to talk about here. So how about necks? Do any of these have 1.75" nut widths? When do the skinny necks show up, 60's? @Jinderthat's good info, thanks! I've wondered if those were flat and skinny like a classic guitar. Makes sense. @j45nick I've read a bunch of Tom's posts - such a wealth of information! Again, thanks everyone for humoring a Gibson Newb's questions.
  13. Hello again everyone! In my everlasting, never ending search for the right guitar I have stumbled on a neat old LG1 in a local shop that needs to be rebuilt. I'm interested in possibly picking up the local LG1 as a project guitar. It's a 60's era (big pointy pickguard, belly up bridge, etc) and it would be a long project for me to work on but might be fun and may work out well. They also have a great little B25 that I played for a while. That one was tempting but the 1 5/8" nut was a deal breaker - it had such a good sound. But this interaction helped me to realize that my pursuit of a L-00 may have been misguided and I should be looking at the various LG body styles - LOTS of them out there too. Over the weekend I've been doing a good bit of research on these and found some great info but one thing I can't find much on is what neck style, shape, thickness, nut width came with certain years. Can someone help steer me right with the 40's, 50's, 60's details? How about the F25? I know that one is a 2" nut and 12 fret but is it also still short scale? Skinny or fat neck? I haven't found much on that one.
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