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  1. Thanks Dave! It’s quite a learning experience sorting through all the variations of names and designations. That one was a beauty. What do you remember about it totally?
  2. Hello everyone! I'm looking for info on early 30's L-0 all mahogany 12 fret guitars. A few questions: How many were made? How did the build details differ between each guitar? What's the bracing like? What $$ do they typically go for these days? Thanks! Chris
  3. CJB


    Wow Dave! That sounds like it'll be an amazing guitar! I didn't know there was a custom program at Gibson. Maybe it's time to look into an all hog 12 fret L-0.
  4. Unfortunately the all hog 12 fret Waterloo is one that I’ve not owned - I’ve tried but hasn’t worked out so far. The 14 fretter is a good one though but doesn’t have that 12 fret sweetness. As you say, one of those is more likely to show up than the real L-0 over here as well.
  5. ZW, yep I was thinking that some of the parts may be extras or reused from other series. 🤷‍♂️ BK, thanks! Yep different store but same guitar. I have no idea how to properly post pictures on here unfortunately. I’ll work on it…. meanwhile, I posted a few pics over here… https://umgf.com/ng-l-00-bluesmaster-12-fret-t213671.html
  6. Hey everyone! After having sampled a wonderful HG00 that a friend has around 2.6 weeks ago I decided to do a random internet search on 12 fret L-00's . Most results showed up either the Keb Mo model or early 30's models and one of my ultimate dream guitars (a '30/31 all mahogany L-0 but those seem to be quite rare and spendy). Then this one result showed something that was new and in inventory at a big music store site. There wasn't much info on the site about it but they showed 2 in stock so I called and talked with someone about it. It was apparently a 'Limited' run of a few guitar
  7. YES!!!!! I knew you'd cave eventually. 😄 That looks like a beauty. Can't wait to hear it!
  8. That’s fantastic, Tom! Thanks!
  9. That's great, thank you! I had not looked there yet.
  10. Another question, how does a Hg-00 compare to why a 12 fret L-00 or an all Mahogany L-0?
  11. As far as I know, no Gibson guitars were made with bar frets. Martin did til middle ‘34 for non Hawaiian guitars. I think I remember that the Hawaiian models had bar frets into the early 40’s?
  12. Thanks Jeff! For some reason I can't see the pics on my iphone but I can see them responding from a laptop. I enjoyed playing it. We traded guitars for the weekend so he's got my L-00. This thing really has some kick to it but the 12 fret bridge position gives it a really rich almost creamy sweetness. I looked inside and the braces look just a little bit more stout than my L-00 and the top seems thicker. Nothing inside looks altered so I guess the conversion was only the nut and the bridge was replaced too. That seems fairly common on those old girls.
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