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  1. thats fake, call the cops on him. how much is he selling it for??? worth no more than 150 bucks
  2. how come you arent an active memeber. been one for 2 years. dont be shy!!!

  3. hmm mine came stock with that russ rod cover ad i know the rules Mrs. Brown
  4. I want to see how many are out there. i have one but dont feel like posting pics. i might tho. post pics of yours
  5. http://lmgtfy.com/?q=Difference+between+a+Gibson+Les+Paul+Standard+2008+and+a+Gibson+Les+Paul+Standard+2008+Pro
  6. that isn't a faded, thats a special. a gloss finish with no binding. those are about 1,000 dollars. and i wouldn't get locking tuners, because later on it will be more valuable with out them if you anted to sell it. or you could just keep the old tuners.
  7. hmmm.... i dont know i have the same model but faded. i love mine to death. mine was discontinued in 2008
  8. haha thats cool. truely a unique finish
  9. haha i think i have to play a gig tomorrow night with my church's youth band. just auditioned, they need an electric guitar player. at 13, i am the youngest
  10. God is with them, heaven or hell hopefully most of them were on the Highway to Heaven that day..... LIKE MY EMOTICONS?!?!?!?!?
  11. hahaha that would be bad. then she would go to jail and pay for them
  12. acdc never talks about depression. neither does guns n roses or led zeppelin. i HATE country
  13. i dont know. they look weird to intonate
  14. yes, that color is beautiful. is mcnabb playing this year???? i dont even know
  15. according to a serial number search Your guitar was made at the Nashville Plant, TN, USA September 24th, 1986 Production Number: 36
  16. is it an epiphone???? if so you need to get someone to look at it. or if its a gibson you DEFINATLEY need to get it looked at. there might be a bug, and there might be a warranty. contact gibson customer service. also how much did you get it for???? it might be a fake
  18. hahaha LOVE the ending "HES PISSING ORANGE SODA"
  19. highway to whores your on the highway to whores HIGWAY TO WHORES
  20. whoa you live in texas??? thats cool i live in alabama

  21. i do tha too, but with a rag. old t shirts are always useful hough
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