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  1. okay ill start us off. gibson les paul double cutaway faded. 2005 model, discontinued in 2008 post pictures of discontinued les pauls, gibson or epiphone
  2. stole this idea off the SG forum.... ill start us off. go year by year
  3. whoa unbolt the neck???? gibsons NEVER have bolt -on necks, so you probably have a fake gibson
  4. no i didnt think it was rude.... i know how you feel wanting to make a gutiar better. my first guitar was an SX strat, solid mahogany body, alder neck, and a maple fretboard. got it for 100 dollars. gonna get a humbucker, split coil, floyd rose tremelo, and some grovers. i REALLY wanna upgrade it so rust me i Do know how you feel. and no i didnt think you were being rude
  5. well as my name says, im a kid. i have one gibson les paul and i haven't replaced any pots. you COULD look on ebay, maybe just get some wit-luck
  6. Post sorry for the type-o this is a topic for everyone to post pics of their les pauls. it would be awesome if an admin could pin or stick this topic. Another Picture Thread. Post the brandname and year of your les paul. ILL START gibson les paul double cutaway faded, 2005
  7. heres a link to some pots: http://www.stewmac.com/shop/Electronics,_pickups/Potentiometers/Standard_Control_Pots.html good luck!!!!
  8. peavy vypyr... i have the 15 watt heres a musicians friend link: http://guitars.music...1+202641+338499 its a great little modeling amp and i can get clean t funk TO AC/DC style distortion LIKE MY EMOTICONS?!?!?!?!?!?!
  9. crap yours is a gloss finish.... oh well i till love mine
  10. it is a 2005 gibson les paul double cutaway faded. they were discontinued in 2008, so i got it second hand. im only 13 , do thats the only reason i have it =) PICKUP SOUND AWESOME
  11. okay ill play: STORY behind my les paul is i am 13 and i got it for my birthday cuz i found it for only 450 dollars. have an SX start, but i havent taken any pics. gotta upgrade it first. 2005 GIBSON LES PAUL DOUBLE CUTAWAY FADED 2 P-90's
  12. you can get somebody who knows guitars really well to do it
  13. oh and with P-90's if i dont want hum between chords then i just use my palm to mute the strings. it sounds like its a humbucker!!!!! just not as thick though. and everybody wants their own tone, so i would get multiple guitars, im only 13 and i have two(see signature), but ill eventually get an SG (angus love=) so yeah!!!
  14. look what this guy did. hewas signed though BUT STILL HORRIBLE
  15. i love that!!!! i wonder if chorme P-90's would look like!!!!
  16. i agree my dad used to use boogies, he said hey were AWESOME
  17. those are both really nice!!!!
  18. would that tailpiece work on a flat top guitar??? i have a gibson les paul double cutaway special, and i want to do this because i dont want to drill holes thanks in advance!!!! oh and my email is skimbiker@aol.com so add me to the list
  19. my gibson has P-90's, and i can get AC/DC tone out of them. they sound really nice
  20. i dont have arachnaphobia, but when i see a spider it dies. they are disgusting and they all need to DIE
  21. ok ill jump in this is a Gibson Les Paul Double Cutaway 2005. its a faded, and its my first gibson. i have been playing for like a year and im 13 years old.
  22. thats a good song!!! sorry about your band mates, you didnt deserve to lose somebody you knew since kindergarten..... nice playing though!!!!
  23. guitarkid

    First SG

    i think that the specials are made with more pieces of wood, but that really doesent matter
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