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  1. Thanks a lot for all your answers I have bought it second hand and looking it closely it seems that both volume pots have been replaced, I will ask my luthier to repair it with cts pots. This will perhaps solve a bit the issue I have with rolling down the volume to control my gain level as now if I do that the sound gets really dark but the gain stays almost the same except set on 2
  2. Hi everyone, I have an issue with my 2007 R8 Les Paul, no matter if I am on the bridge pickup and I set the bridge volume to 0, if the neck pickup volume is not set at 0 (Note that it doesn't matter if you set the neck volume to 1 or 10, the sound coming through the amp is not louder) , there is a bit of sound coming through the amp if I am playing. If I set the neck volume to 0 AND the bridge volume to 0, no sound (as expected). The same behavior if I do the same but on the neck pickup with the volume to 0 and the bridge volume is not set to 0, a bit of sound is coming to amp. Anyone has an idea of the cause? Thanks
  3. Happy to know that it works for you. For me a bit of a different story :( They reject our cd cover (and it is an original we owns it, and it is a 3000X3000 as requested), with not specific reason, just a list of potential reasons : ---------- Additional detail: Artwork appears to be oddly cropped. Stores require that artwork be 3000x3000 pixels and perfectly square. Artwork must fill the entire area. ---------- Stores approve almost all artwork, unless it contains... URLs (web addresses) Twitter/Facebook usernames Logos of stores Nudity Gross stuff Prices Duplicate art (using the same art for different releases) References to physical media (example: "CD" or "Compact Disc") Blurry, pixelated, rotated, or otherwise extreme poor quality art
  4. Thanks for your kind comment. I am still learning too, sometimes there are post where I wondered what they meant :) Al
  5. Thank you I am right handed like the guitar but don't know why each time I am doing a live video on Facebook with the Iphone front camera, the image is reversed I don't know if someone with an Iphone 7 has faced this issue as well and has a solution for this?
  6. Thanks. And sadly, I have a pcb, no direct wired, right now I don't really mind, but since I am sweating a lot when playing a gig, I am a bit afraid that PCB will not like it so much ;) And it is also a philosophy issue ;) I prefer it the good old way wires and capacitors
  7. Thanks, I will try to find metal pointers, but less easy to find that Top Hat knobs ;) Next thing I will perhaps do is remove the PCB circuit and replace it by CTS Pots
  8. Congratulations Great Amp, Fender amps are good, I own a Supersonic 22 Combo and a Hot Rod Michael Landau signature, Gibson sounds great through Fender amp
  9. Lately, I have been leaving my Tele and my Strat home and start using more my Traditional. It is a 2016 model, and even if I have had a lot of std (1992, 1986, 2008) and 2 Custom Shop (Black Beauty and R7) on ly the R7 was better than this one (IMHO of course, just a matter of taste) This one stays in tune, intonation is perfect, and got the mojo I had already replaced the truss rod cover by a one without inscription on it and now I have replaced the speed knobs by top hat knobs that I prefer (look and feel) So here are pictures (now and before) and a video I have made yesterday free photo hosting
  10. Thanks Rev' for sure I will, I've already made a 2 hours set with it. :)
  11. Yes already seen this video, I use to have a junior and I like the sound but was always afraid if I have to play in a bigger venue that I miss some watts. That's why I have Supersonic 22w, which has 2 channels, I could use the drive channel and avoid the od, but I like the taste of an external od pedal on the clean channel
  12. Totally agree with you but with a Fender amp, except if you are Bonamassa, and you put your Twin volume on 8 and of course play in stadium, it is difficult to avoid an OD pedal :-)
  13. Yesterday I had a gig with that brand new 2016 Les Paul Trad T, and I have decided to live without a pedalboard, the weight, the power cable in front of you, ... So I say, only the wha my good old BB Preamp overdrive, a tuner (because it was the first time I played this Les Paul, so I didn't know how she will stay in tune; very well by the way) **** happens, and my BB Preamp has failed the day before the show, no time to check for repair, so I pick a Maxon OD-808 from my old pedal. And you know what, I got my tone, what a pleasure to have almost nothing in front of you except the audience. All the controls via the Vol and Tone of the guitar. Less is more really
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