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  1. awel


    Happy to know that it works for you. For me a bit of a different story :( They reject our cd cover (and it is an original we owns it, and it is a 3000X3000 as requested), with not specific reason, just a list of potential reasons : ---------- Additional detail: Artwork appears to be oddly cropped. Stores require that artwork be 3000x3000 pixels and perfectly square. Artwork must fill the entire area. ---------- Stores approve almost all artwork, unless it contains... URLs (web addresses) Twitter/Facebook usernames Logos of stores Nudity Gross stuff Prices Duplicate art (using the same art for different releases) References to physical media (example: "CD" or "Compact Disc") Blurry, pixelated, rotated, or otherwise extreme poor quality art
  2. Thanks for your kind comment. I am still learning too, sometimes there are post where I wondered what they meant :) Al
  3. Thank you I am right handed like the guitar but don't know why each time I am doing a live video on Facebook with the Iphone front camera, the image is reversed I don't know if someone with an Iphone 7 has faced this issue as well and has a solution for this?
  4. Thanks. And sadly, I have a pcb, no direct wired, right now I don't really mind, but since I am sweating a lot when playing a gig, I am a bit afraid that PCB will not like it so much ;) And it is also a philosophy issue ;) I prefer it the good old way wires and capacitors
  5. Thanks, I will try to find metal pointers, but less easy to find that Top Hat knobs ;) Next thing I will perhaps do is remove the PCB circuit and replace it by CTS Pots
  6. Congratulations Great Amp, Fender amps are good, I own a Supersonic 22 Combo and a Hot Rod Michael Landau signature, Gibson sounds great through Fender amp
  7. Lately, I have been leaving my Tele and my Strat home and start using more my Traditional. It is a 2016 model, and even if I have had a lot of std (1992, 1986, 2008) and 2 Custom Shop (Black Beauty and R7) on ly the R7 was better than this one (IMHO of course, just a matter of taste) This one stays in tune, intonation is perfect, and got the mojo I had already replaced the truss rod cover by a one without inscription on it and now I have replaced the speed knobs by top hat knobs that I prefer (look and feel) So here are pictures (now and before) and a video I have made yesterday free photo hosting
  8. Thanks Rev' for sure I will, I've already made a 2 hours set with it. :)
  9. awel

    Less is more

    Yes already seen this video, I use to have a junior and I like the sound but was always afraid if I have to play in a bigger venue that I miss some watts. That's why I have Supersonic 22w, which has 2 channels, I could use the drive channel and avoid the od, but I like the taste of an external od pedal on the clean channel
  10. awel

    Less is more

    Totally agree with you but with a Fender amp, except if you are Bonamassa, and you put your Twin volume on 8 and of course play in stadium, it is difficult to avoid an OD pedal :-)
  11. Yesterday I had a gig with that brand new 2016 Les Paul Trad T, and I have decided to live without a pedalboard, the weight, the power cable in front of you, ... So I say, only the wha my good old BB Preamp overdrive, a tuner (because it was the first time I played this Les Paul, so I didn't know how she will stay in tune; very well by the way) **** happens, and my BB Preamp has failed the day before the show, no time to check for repair, so I pick a Maxon OD-808 from my old pedal. And you know what, I got my tone, what a pleasure to have almost nothing in front of you except the audience. All the controls via the Vol and Tone of the guitar. Less is more really
  12. Already removed the pickguard and put a set of 10-46, the setup seems very good (for myself at least). She will do her first live tonight! Will try to get some videos
  13. Thanks, so happy I finally got it, one guy in my building signed and pick it but he only called me to tell me he had it 5 hours later :( I had already complained to UPS then I called them back and apologize
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