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  1. Thanks a lot for all your answers I have bought it second hand and looking it closely it seems that both volume pots have been replaced, I will ask my luthier to repair it with cts pots. This will perhaps solve a bit the issue I have with rolling down the volume to control my gain level as now if I do that the sound gets really dark but the gain stays almost the same except set on 2
  2. Hi everyone, I have an issue with my 2007 R8 Les Paul, no matter if I am on the bridge pickup and I set the bridge volume to 0, if the neck pickup volume is not set at 0 (Note that it doesn't matter if you set the neck volume to 1 or 10, the sound coming through the amp is not louder) , there is a bit of sound coming through the amp if I am playing. If I set the neck volume to 0 AND the bridge volume to 0, no sound (as expected). The same behavior if I do the same but on the neck pickup with the volume to 0 and the bridge volume is not set to 0, a bit of sound is coming to amp. Anyone has an idea of the cause? Thanks
  3. Hello Awel! Are You alright? Seen the news, terrible! Please confirm You are OK!

  4. Life is amazing

  5. So did you get your replacement LPC yet?

  6. What color is your Les Paul Custom?

  7. wanna play!!!!

  8. Week-end !

  9. growing up sucks!

  10. I feel the blue comin'

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