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  1. Hi i'm Anna.

    I am the frаgile and gentle wоmаn who needs a strong and reliаble partner in lifе.

    My phоtо here https://sex-gibson.tumblr.com

    Kisses Scott Lee

  2. I have changed cars wives' clothes, habits, (suffocated my pride and cauterized my addictions) but will never ever part with my 1995 LP Studio Wine Red Gold hardware.
  3. I did not ask the tech to produce credentials…but the service included truss rod and intonation adjustment. He actually made the service a learning experience for me… Really felt he did a great job. Not one bit suspect about the service he provided
  4. Hello, Not a rant against Gibson, or their quality. I’m also not knocking Sweetwater. Just want to here others thoughts. That’s what a forums about! I received a Midtown Standard w/ Bigsby from my wife for Christmas. (Yes I am lucky to have my wife). I really like the instrument and appreciate the beauty and sound. It works and sounds fabulous, I would rate the quality as good 1 to 10 a nine. My wife wanting to surprise me made the order on the I-net via Sweetwater. This is my second Gibson also have a 1995 Studio another great instrument. No complaints. I played the Midtown everyday since received. About two weeks ago grabbed the Studio and immediately noticed the different setup. Strings on the Midtown are higher. OK so I thought lets go to my local certified Gibson dealer and get a setup done…new strings and watch an expert re-string a Bigsby. The experience was good I learned the tricks with the Bigsby. So my tech is finished restrung lowered the action did a great job. So he plugs in and plays a bit then hands to me for a try and yeah baby I’m in business…except I just remember and explain to the tech I think there is more hum thru my (tube) amp with the Midtown then my Studio. I’m dialing it out with my amp gain and tone on the guitar, and it definitely goes silent when my hand touches either the jack or the Bigsby. Crap he says…why didn’t you say that before we restrung…I dono I was excited to watch you work…all the guitars hanging around distracted me…I a dumba**. He pops the plate off the back look in a pulls the ground wire that supposed to be connected to the bridge out. The end is a nice square cut hooked to nothing. Now he remedied the situation I don’t know how. Called it a temporary fix but soldered something together. Said bring it back when it’s time to do the next string change and he would fix it right. He charged me $47.30 stings and labor…it’s going to cost me that again to get the ground fixed proper. My question – I can afford the $47.30 it sucks but I can scrounge it up, but should I be the responsible person in this situation?
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