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  1. I picked up playing in open D from listening to "Blood on the Tracks" and went on from there. Never did much with open G, but I know a lot of chords in open D!
  2. Please add my condolences to those of this wise man's friends, may he rest in peace
  3. OWF, Nodehopper has both, and to my ears they sound not at all alike
  4. If multipurpose playing includes group settings, you don't want anything small.... I bought the J-185 for group stuff, smaller ones for solo
  5. Here is a 1986 Guild F-412... I can't believe folks with multiple 12-strings!
  6. I was given this J-50 in 1969, still have it. It was my only guitar for 30 years... I replaced the rosewood adjustable saddle, the nut, the tuners and have had a partial refret in those years. It has the skinny nut, long scale, and pearl inlaid logo of that transition period, and it has a Baggs anthem pickup - sounds better amplified.
  7. very pretty indeed, I want one!
  8. but then there is intonation... I saw a vid of someone compensating the saddle by creating a false apex on the saddle with a bit of thin gauge string, which marked the spot where the saddle was, for that string, perfectly compensated for correct intonation.
  9. I will always remember that show as a defining moment, the world changed for me and I became aware of many things that also interested me. Here's to Ed for all he gave us!
  10. Nothing that will go to Goodwill! I have a 1969 J-50, a 2007 J-185, and a 1968 EB0 bass from Gibson, a couple Martins, a Santa Cruz 00, a Guild F-412 and a couple customs by Hank Mauel
  11. Well one of them anyway. An old resonator I never play anymore went to Goodwill yesterday. It was difficult because I tend to be a hoarder, but hopefully it will get into someone's hands who can make some use of it. i didn't think it was worth my time trying to sell it, so i'll take a charitable deduction for it. The other nine will be more difficult...
  12. why are there 3 SJ-200 maple guitars in this pic?
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