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  1. Here is a tune that tennroots and I came up with, titled "Opa's Dream" in honor of my late father Opa's Dream
  2. That looks a lot like my 1969 J-50, though I'd need a better pic of the headstock to be sure. You can clearly see the rosewood adjustable saddle if you click on the pic. The pick guard is different in 1969 than most other years, I think
  3. I'm not sure there's much point in being there before dark, after last year!

  4. No leaving the jam before dark this year

  5. Hi all: I'm Peter from Lincoln, CA and my 1969 J-50 was my first Gibson - a Christmas present from my folks in my first year of college. That worked for me solo for 30 years until I started to accumulate more guitars, most recently a j-185. I also have an old EB-O bass and recently gave away my Nighthawk electric to my son... Don't do any playing out, but do enjoy jamming with nodehopper and tennroots every week.
  6. Peter, don't get lost this time :)

  7. The Ditson is sweet! I wasn't even looking for a dread but it had me. You should come play it sometime

  8. Hey Pschaafs.......how do you like tha Ditson of yours??? Round shoulder, 12 frets.......sounds sweet!!

  9. Sorry...looks like it cut off my message.

    Email me at sands4us@hotmail.com if you would be interested in meeting to play some guitar.

  10. Hey,

    I work in Auburn and have a couple people I get together with and play. Tennroots here on the Gibby Forum and also a friend.

    I am intermediate, but have had some hand/arm/shoulder issues that have caused me not to be able to play much for the last year and a half. I am getting much better and starting to relearn a lot of what I lost.

    If you would be intere...

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