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  1. Very nice Jr. Definitely liking the SG collection too.
  2. Surfpup, is that the Standard Faded? i still lust after that one.
  3. Posted these pictures way back but couldnt resist jumping into the fire. 68RI in Aged Pelham Blue SG Custom Classic GOW
  4. Rocketman, that is a fine looking 339. I don't own one, but it's on my list as well. First on my list is a CS-336.
  5. WoW! Remember when you could buy a LP Standard under $2K? Was planning on buying a new LP Standard, but after seeing the latest creations i think I'll seek a used one or maybe go for the SG Standard 120th Anniversary. I think I can live with the minetune.
  6. Schenker Gary Barden Cozy Powell Chris Glenn Paul Raymond
  7. I'd ask them if I could sing Love At First Feel with them.
  8. Oh Bonnie! Have loved her playing for years. Great songwriter/vocalist as well. One of the best in the biz. She has already set her place in music history. Sorry Bonnie. Probably won't have tho chance to see the show this time around. Knock 'em dead!
  9. I think KISS is gonna be on Letterman tonight! Or is it tomorrow night? Cold Gin!!
  10. As much as I enjoy some of Lynyrd Skynyrd's music, it's hard to believe they were ever against segregation when the confederate flag has been the centerpiece on so many of their album covers and memorabilia. Great band. Innovative musicians.
  11. Personally, I like the Big Band/Drum Centered music. It puts me in a mood that no other music can. Makes me wish I'd been able to see those performances live back in the day. Morello, Rich, Bellson; all of those cats had something special in their own right. Let's not forget Gene Krupa.
  12. Axe, just don't propose to any chicks at the show tonight. Alright?
  13. You know what I'm talking about, Jeff. Hatch is the place and Green Chile is in season now. How about that unmistakeable aroma of chile peppers being roasted in the market parking lot as you drive by. Ohhhh man!
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