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  1. Very nice Jr. Definitely liking the SG collection too.
  2. Kennis, although it's no longer the Gothic look, it's definitely an improvement. I really like the pickup rings on the black.
  3. Shamus, here's a pic of my LP Custom in Aged Pelham Blue. It is very green and impressive in front of your eyes. Looks awesome under stage lights! Just thought I'd give you another idea of what the color looks like.
  4. Pretty good stuff, but the soloing is a bit too much for me on this song. Gary Moore once said that Albert King taught him that less is more when it come to soloing. King said something like "However many notes you feel like playing, play only half". Johnson and Bonamassa are fun to listen to though.
  5. Oooo La La! Beautiful!
  6. They used to be $1799.00 when they first came out. Great price for a Custom Shop guitar. I've been gassing for an ES339 for a long time...still don't have one.
  7. Hey Coop. Have you had the SG setup properly? If not, you may want to start with that. Then try experimenting with pickup height. In my experience with these ceramic humbuckers, I've found that when they're lower (away from the strings) they sound much better. Less magnetic pull on the strings and a much fuller sound. Can't hurt to try.
  8. Loving this thread! I'm late to the party. Great SG's! Every one of them. Pete C, I also have the GOW #38. How do you like yours? I like the 57 classics with this SG. When I got this guitar it had a dead sound. Bad factory setup, but with some TLC I set her up and got her ringing nicely. Here she is dressed in Antique Black Cherry.
  9. I already have strap locks, but I think I'll drink 2 Grolsh anyway.
  10. I have black hardware on my V and so far it looks like new after about 10 years of play. I don't have pics available now, but if you wipe it down regularly you should have no problems.
  11. Does anyone know if Baked Maple is a trend we will see more of from Gibson? Is there a shortage of Rosewood? 6 months is a long time to condition a fretboard to my taste. I love the maple boards on a lot of Strats, but I haven't yet tried the Baked Maple boards. Any other Gibson guits come with BM fretboard?
  12. Oh yeah. Diggin' the P90's and hot damn, that Slash Sig looks beautiful with black open coils.
  13. Yeah! Slvrbrst, that's a beautiful and unique Silverburst. I like the tuners and peghead single ply binding with crown inlay. It's like a Super Standard! I think Stein is correct. It's a GC exclusive and probably has no classification other than that. Hold on to that one.
  14. That was my first thought. The 339 is the perfect electric guitar for the classical position.
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