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  1. Found this while searching. http://www.vintageguitars.org.uk/phpBB/viewtopic.php?t=1575
  2. Interesting.I use that polish on my Gibson LP Studio and SG Standard.I always heard to not us it on faded models so I was afraid to try it on my sg faded.After seeing your results ,I did little search and found this sg faded polished http://www.vintageguitars.org.uk/phpBB/viewtopic.php?t=1575 Your lp looks great by the way.Nice job!
  3. Thanks. I know theres a good number of mistakes,but more I plunk on it,the more they will diminish,hopefully
  4. lol,This is the time of year Wi is nice place.I love this time of year here.
  5. I'm sure its really a fine guitar,however I own a standard.Reason I went with the standard is because the neck joint on the 61 reissue felt/seemed to flimsy/weak to me.If your standing, playing the 61 strapped on,then turn quickly to one side of the other,you can actually hear the guitar pitch change for a second due to the neck.THe standard has a neck joint which is more secure in my opinion. The pickups are different in the 2,61 with the classic 57's and the standard with the 498t and 490.They both sound very well.Pickups in either case could be changed for couple hundred bucks to get the sound of the other if really wanted.The reissue has the slimmer neck profile ,where the standard has the beefier style neck.That may also be a point of interest to you.I am used to the beefier neck joint which is alo on my Les pual studio,so the neck feeels exactly the same in that regard to me,however,upper access on the fretboard is much more comfortable on the sg vs the lp.My SG Standard is really my all time favorite guitar I own.
  6. I'm sure they will cover their *** and say to store it in its proper case as to not get any legal battles down the road,but I think as long as you have the strings on it,it will be fine.The tension of the strings should out weigh any stress from the weight of the guitar hanging by the neck.It may subject your guitar to other issues though,such as fading sooner or dust,etc,but otherwise I don't really think it hurts anything
  7. Good question there. I thought they were one in the same
  8. http://soundclick.com/share?songid=6472545
  9. Maybe one of the roland cube modeling amps will get a variety of sounds for not too much $$ and give you a simulated marshall tone.Not perfect,but for the price it will get you playing at least
  10. It will probably loo kinda cheecey
  11. For some reason the photos you posted show about the size of my fingertip.Anyone get this?
  12. I don't really notice this on my standard or faded,but when I've played 61 reissues in the store,they seem to do what you speak of.I think they way the 61 reissue neck joint is much weaker than the standard. Which sg do you have that does this?
  13. Anyone else have an Epiphone dot and experience it not staying in tune well?
  14. ANyone ever replace there stock epiphone pickups with theses? http://store.guitarfetish.com/v59niclalpah.html
  15. How much difference in tone is there with the gibson 490r/490t pickups compared to the classic 57's? Where does the difference lie,highs/lows? I have an sg faded with the 490r and 490t and they sound very vintage to me.Compared to my sg standard they may actually sound better than the 498t. When I view the pickup chart http://www.gibson.com/en-us/Division...ade%20%281%29/ which I think measures pickup outputs?,the 57 classics are very close to the 490r/490t.So where is the difference or what is the difference between them?
  16. Has anyone here put 57 classics in a late model sg standard?I'd be real interested in hearing samples of this if you have.
  17. I got it from here other day also
  18. I don't care for the lp pr the sg robot guitar.I think the concept is rediculous
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