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  1. Did you tell her she rolls like a groupie?
  2. usually just through a micro cube,so not too loud.But I do play my old vinatge Marshall 1987X at near full volume in my basement from time to time.Its loud in the house,but outside it is not too loud actually.
  3. I've been interested in the 339 since it was first introduced.I figured it was a temporary gas pain,but its still there.I may go for one of those next myself.
  4. Where did you find that? I am pretty sure the body is maple not mahagony and I have the ebony fretboard.Alot of the rest I am unsure
  5. Curious what I could find out on my epiphone scroll-sc550 I had this thing new somewheres around 1979 ,1980. Wondering how many made Where it was made Specifics on pickups material,other specs year made Whatever can be found I guess http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2022/1903264326_df2b336cc3_o.jpg
  6. Well,I got it. The penetrating oil overnight did the trick.Turned this a.m.No more fret buzzzz! Thanks for all your ideas
  7. I have an Epiphone EB) bass. I am getting fret buzz and I need to adjust the truss rod some. I removed truss rod and was going to loosen truss rod little but the truss rod didn't have any slack so in fear of snapping the rod I didn't do anything ,thus still have fret buzz. What would cause the truss rod to be so tight that it doesn't easily turn?
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