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  1. I agree. Very touching song too. Great stuff
  2. Well so I figured out Sundays are for football and sharing your music on the forum. So here's my favorite Merle song with no inflammatory political views ( sigh). Gave the AJ a rest and drug the Les Paul out. Pardon the screw up at the end. If it isn't a dead giveaway I'm sure the smile and head shaking will be. Enjoy http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RVTexGBo9Pw
  3. Good one Aussie With the current administration launching a war on law abiding gun owners here, I think I will hang onto it. I got the rest of my life to add another Martin to the stable.
  4. I think the lyrics are great. I could slow that down and make a fine country song out of it I'm not a fan of fingerpicking much. To me some good solid strumming with full chords would do it some justice. Faster speed.....or slow it down and add some space between the words. I think either way would be interesting. Honestly I felt like you were rushing through it. I would try slowing down and stretching it out some.
  5. I love Martin and Gibson. I had to give up my Martin to venture into the Gibson world because of financial limitations. Someday soon I plan on having both. Kinda like having a Ford Mustang and a Corvette in the garage. All ill have to do is pick which American icon I wanna enjoy at the time
  6. I don't particularly care for it on a nice Gibson sunburst. My AJ is 3 years old and has some checking here and there already. I'd just assume it not be there, at least not this early in its life.
  7. The GC in Nashville Tennessee had a nice selection of vintage instruments last time I went. I'm sure they come in as trade ins or folks who don't want to hassle with selling them and just take a offer from GC. They had several vintage Martins, and one 40 something D18 that was really nice. Don't recall any Gibsons though. I like GC myself. I've always enjoyed myself there and was always treated great by the employees. The guys at the local mom and pop store seem snobby and irritated with having to help you. I guess they don't like turning Facebook off to help customers
  8. Oh I know buddy. I didn't take anything that way. Different things work for different people. Actually what you " feel" works best is the best route. There's no 100 percent way to keep intruders out so which way brings peace of mind is the best
  9. As I said nick.....if somebody really wants in they will get in. If they steal my guns then fine....as long as my family is alive. I'm just warning intruders that entering my home is potentially deadly. Criminals and predators are largely the same.....they will prey on the easiest victim. I'm just showing my teeth Just so ya know I have a bachelors in criminal justice and served as a Deputy Sheriff for 5 years. It got way to political and a lot of behind closed doors things I didn't agree with so I gave up law enforcement. Anyway in those 5 years I saw a lot of things and learned a lot about criminal behavior. It's a terrible world we live in now.
  10. I don't know the answers to your questions, but it looks better than mine Of course mine is a mid 30's model and been through hell
  11. Of course it gives it away. It means breaking into my home will bring potential death and a fight many intruders probably don't want. It's pointless to break in if you never make it out.They want to break in and get out. Not have a firefight with a Marine in the living room. I just give them a chance to re think how much they value their life and the items their after. Larger firearms??? Not to be a smart but that really makes no difference. Firearms can kill no matter what size they are. The user is the lethal weapon. But like I said, the sign is just a warning to maybe re think your intentions. Ultimately if someone really wants to break in....they will Of course I'm aware this doesn't work for everyone though. But I live in a valley with one way in and one way out. No one to come to my rescue. So having the ability to protect my family on my own is a must. I'd much rather let intruders know I'm armed and will kill if need be instead of laying on the floor and letting them have their way just to be executed like dogs on the way out. But.....the truth of the matter is, if someone really wants to break into a home they will. Where there's a will there's a way. My sign is just an attempt to detour them. My family is the most important thing. If someone breaks in while we're away and steals guitars and TV's then thank god I still have my wife and kids. I wouldn't recommend doing it while we're home though. Even my 13 year old step daughter knows to call 911 and wait in the closet with a shotgun for police. I'm pretty sure she would use it if someone opened the door besides me or a police officer
  12. True. But knowing when I'm home is the gamble. There's always a car there whether I'm home or not, and a TV on. Would you risk it?
  13. I'm with Janus, I shy away from natural Gibsons and won't even consider a SB Martin. Martins have to be natural
  14. Our cultures may differ depending on where you live, but a double barrel shotgun does the trick for me. I live in a secluded rural area with none to protect me but myself. I have a sign on the door that says " family and home protected by 2nd Amendment". So far no trouble
  15. I went through the same thing with my grandpas guitar. He bought it in 1937 and I ended up with it a few years ago. Crack across the back and high wire action. I decided it was more unique with the scars of time on it. Years of hanging in a old house with no electric and wood burning stove and 11 kids beating away on it at different times. I decided i would get it playable without fixing the battle scars. So now it's a wall hanger that will play if I need it too. So....if its possible to get it playable without doing a full restoration that's what I would do. Family battle scars are unique and tell a story. Of course if a new mint peice is what you desire then by all means restore it
  16. I'm not diggin the blonde at all. It's a far cry from a beautifull Gibson sunburst. Come to think of it I've never seen a natural top Gibson I like except for a firebird custom.
  17. Great job and personal touch! I love the drop D too. I don't do much drop D anymore since I got rid of my Martins. Something just isn't right for me on the Gibson for drop D. My D28 sounded like thunder in drop D. Ever since that the Gibson just never sounded right in it.
  18. Johnny cash was a singer songwriter, not a master of guitar. I think the question is about being a accomplished guitar player. Sure Johnny could strum along with any song under the sun most likely. But mastering guitar expands well beyond that. Even his lead guitarist wasn't a guitar whiz ( Luther perkins). But the simplicity of his playing and that unique boom chicka boom became legendary. If Johnny cash hadn't had that unique boomy voice he woulda starved to death as a guitar player only ( and so would I). To the OP question.....I think all of the obove. Theory, lessons, and learn all you can from friends and family who are better than you.
  19. Did u even look at the guitars?? It's very obvious even at a quick glance. Two very different instruments
  20. We'll I was just using the AJ as an example of how Gibson changes names around for marketing reasons. Using things like reissue and historic collection ect ect when the guitar is the same thing. My 2010 just says advanced jumbo in the tag. A few years ago I think they were refered to as a AJ reissue. Same guitar In this case with the OPs original jumbo, I'm assuming he is referring to the difference between his 2003 and a 2008 model. I guess the 2008 he is referring to is labeled prewar jumbo or something. If there both OJ's then there's prob no difference. Probably just another example of Gibsons confusing way of changing names up on things
  21. So your asking what's the difference between yours and a 2008 model? Probably nothing other than a name change for marketing. The standard Advanced Jumbo has had a few different labels put on it but always the same guitar.i suspect that's probably the same situation with a OJ
  22. Well you didn't say it here, but you said you could see why they had the big price tag on AGF. I've played a couple Brazilian D28s and they were really nice. But not not enough to justify 11,000 dollars. Obviously that's just my own personal feeling about it. I've played some Indian rosewoods that were real dang close if not just as good. To me, I think the big price tag is for endangered exotic wood rather than 11,000 worth of sound. On the other hand im not a nut for vintage stuff either. I think Martin and Gibson are making as good of guitars as they ever have. They just haven't had 70 years worth of aging and beating yet. My AJ will prob be so crazy good in 70 years my grand kids will have to lock it in a cage to keep the mojo from affecting people's minds.
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