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  1. Hi Gruffchris and thanks.. Have a nice weekend

  2. I have one of the first run of 50, using ren's wood, think its from india. I did see a second run and in the write up they said the wood was from bolivia? I've had mine for 2 years now got a couple of other gibson acoustics, but I like the Mystic Rosewood the best :). It don't say Mystic rose wood on my tag though, it say's 5* J45? ( I think cause it was through a 5* dealer?).
  3. My vote is both. I just wish 80/20's would last longer. PB's(Hog) seem to last forever, yet the 80/20's(RW), seem to fizzle out after a couple of days? I bought some 80/15 and put them on my RW J45 and didn't like them at all? For me the tone was more like when I put PB's on it, just not right.
  4. 80/20's for RW and PB's for Hog, IMO. PB's on my rosewood guitar just sound wrong.
  5. Yeah, you can add J45 Mystic rosewood to your list ;).
  6. I was watching a BBC program the other week on Acoustic rock, the guy from Manic Street Preachers had a 70's Gibson, looked like a square shouldered 45?
  7. I just took some photos of my 3 Gibsons and none have marks around the bridge, a bit of glue, but not like yours?
  8. I went to buy my first guitar in the early 90's, saved up for months. No internet then so I didn't have a clue what I wanted. I saw a black EJ-200 and was thinking that's Noels guitar from Oasis, I'm getting it. Took it home and it not only played like a bag of spanners but sounded like em too. My 10 pound beater sounded better. Anyway I took it back to the shop and swapped it for a second hand Tanglewood tw15, beautiful guitar. I think that kind of put me off Gibson's for a few years, even though it was an epiphone. To the OP, sounds like a nice guitar, you should have snapped her up or p
  9. ???? Go where? As I said a few of the people effected posted videos of their sweet sounding guitars. They had obviously gone in to the shop and tested a few with their ears, picked up one they liked only to find out later it was lam. I've not heard any stories of fretboard or bridge breakage from the laminated wood. So if they sound fine then what's the problem? If like you said yours sounded bad, then I would have taken it back to the shop and swapped it for another, whether it had been laminated or not. Wasn't you told at the time personally I wouldn't buy one, but that's just because of
  10. Hey, I thought it was the 60's J-45's that I seen on sale last year, but running the number Your guitar was made at the Bozeman Plant , MA, USA March 16th, 2003 Production Number: 34 I sure some of the guys will tell you more about this model Nice guitar by the way!
  11. Hey this got my thinking about an article on the bbc's website about china cloning things, in this case towns, they've just built venice. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/magazine-23067082 I've seen alsorts on ebay from guitars to golfclubs
  12. The natural one is a John Lennon peace model I think
  13. I liked 003 best, as the other's have said it's got a fuller sound.
  14. Hey, I too worked away from home at years at a time, but cause Manchester is a musical city, there was always tunes in the background to remind me of home. I guess from the newish bands The Courteeners, are probably the ones that hit that nostalgic local vibe, they're like a band version of Peter Kay......well to me anyway, lol. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OmWfYHrTucw
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