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  1. I prefer Vintage.... w/ P90's DSC_2701 by bobbyjeepyj, on Flickr
  2. Yup, pickguard and P90's were stock on my 2011 SG 60's tribute, but has dot position markers.... the Vol/Tone knobs have been swapped for reflectors DSC_2701 by bobbyjeepyj, on Flickr
  3. Sounds great through all of these....... but with the SG I pretty much always default to the Marshall... DSC_2666 by bobbyjeepyj, on Flickr Marshall 50W JCM800 Mesa Express 5:50 Plus Combo Sovtek Mig 50 Legend Model A30 Combo Yamaha THR10C......hehe the 212 cab is loaded with a couple of vintage 30's
  4. Granted, not as glossy and smooth as my Les Paul standard, but has more shine now than with the stock flat-ish finish... Couple of more pics... DSC_2693 by bobbyjeepyj, on Flickr DSC_2701 by bobbyjeepyj, on Flickr DSC_2709 by bobbyjeepyj, on Flickr
  5. I will add some pics for you later today, to hopefully give you a better idea of the shine....
  6. Cheers and thanks! Just Gibson pump polish and an electric polisher ..... followed by a hand polish or two.....! It's a nitro-lacquer coating, it shines up rather easily.... B)
  7. Finally got the black covers in....... Love the look.....totally transformed it to 'badass' IMO. Oh yeah.... I also polished the finish as the satin just did not do it for me..... really darkened and brought out the cherry red. I am one happy camper!! Got the guitar, the covers, a strap, some straplocks and new strings all for LESS than $500 !!!! DSC_2686 by bobbyjeepyj, on Flickr
  8. Cheers!! Yes SG's do rock! Cant believe I waited this long to get an SG!! Cant believe I waited this long to get a P90 guitar.!! I love my LP with humbuckers ....... but oh man do these P90's bark very punchy !!
  9. Fair enough, to each their own. ThePO liked 'em too, just not my thing. Yeah, the noise I expected ..... but that disappears as soon as the first power chord is struck!! Cheers
  10. Picked up a 60's Tribute SG Special from the local CL for a very good price. Love it, it really gets along with my JCM800 The PO replaced the p90 covers with cream....uhhhggg !! He could not find the original black covers so I already have some black covers on order..... cream covers on a cherry SG just seems wrong to me....agree? He also swapped in some reflectors that I do dig though. DSC_2663 by bobbyjeepyj, on Flickr
  11. Yeah, I guess it kinda needs the classic Marshall logo.... I find this one just looks a bit big, maybe I will see if I can find a smaller 6" white and gold plexi style logo
  12. I kinda dig it with no logo, but seeing it with the logo is cool too though......cant decide whether to use it or not. ......opinions ?
  13. So I got this little butchered 1984 Marshall JCM800 4010 combo a few weeks ago ... I posted a thread with some pics of it as I got it. Basically a head made from a hacked up combo....:/ http://forum.gibson.com/index.php?/topic/112862-jcm-800-question/ My Les Paul just sound incredible through this amp, so it's definitely a keeper.... So I decided to do the thing justice and give it a face lift Took the badly put together sawed down combo box apart and re sawed the join, re glued and clamped.. Then..... New tolex, all new rivets, new rear corners (the fronts did not break ta
  14. Couple of pics ...... the gut shot pic is pre un-modded ....in this you can see the piggybacked bias range resistor.
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