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  1. I like it too, I think it suits too..... But...... I also my TV's Vintage cherryburst. Represent DSC_6078 by bobbyjeepyj, on Flickr My previous HB Modern Classic had more of a Honey burst. DSC_5738 by bobbyjeepyj, on Flickr
  2. I've tried Tusq, I found the overall tone to be brighter... but a bit much too bright for my liking. I have a really nice set of bone pins that just seemed to dampen things. I switch them in from time to time but get the same results each time. To this day the stock plastic pins just plain work great, the guitar sounds great with them. Balanced, open, responsive and chimey with great sustain. Go figure plastic for the win. All in all, whatever works for you works for YOU. glad your happy with the switch, play on brotha. :)
  3. Slow on the board today

    more action on my fb page

  4. Strange, ya get in the habit of looking for friends posts and replies and just sort of miss new members. Welcome aboard Bobby !

    Whart part of what country you from?

  5. Oops, guess I missed the serial # and reference to 1991. Nice guitar though.....
  6. That looks like the 'Billie Joe Armstrong' limited edition. Apparently limited to a run of 100 guitars in 2011. Seen them go on ebay for around $2500 US. Here is one on a site in Europe. http://en.euroguitar.com/guitar/gibson/billie-joe-armstrong-signature/141088.html
  7. Pro Tools HD rigs at work, and an M-Box at home.
  8. Some great clips here!!! Here is recording of Bron-y-aur I did with my , fairly new, Hummingbird TV. Includes a few 'flubs'...... enjoy
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