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  1. Kiwi


    I'll look into it, thanks! EDIT: I've done some more research and found that it isn't a particularly good idea to connect two different speaker loads to one speaker simultaneously, so I better just use them separately instead...
  2. Kiwi


    So I just got a new amp, the Fender Greta. For those of you who don't know, it's a small, 2 watt tube amp from Fender's "Pawn Shop"-line and is kind of based on the same idea as the ZVex Nano Head. I was going to get an overdrive pedal first, but then figured that I could run one clean and one dirty amp in parallel instead (the Greta being dirty, as it breaks up rather quickly). It's a pretty fun amp. The speaker is a bit farty, but it still sounds kind of raw and tough. Using the aux input, playing mono recordings of the Stones and Beatles through an iPod actually sounds way better that I'd hoped for! A question for you in the know: I've been thinking about running the amp into my Epi Valve Junior cabinet simultaneously as running the Epiphone combo itself. E.g, I'd plug the Fender Greta into the 8 ohm jack and have the Epi in the 16 ohm jack (as it is now). The only thing keeping me from it is thinking that the internal resistance in each amp might get kind of messed up when running two different resistance tube amps into one speaker. And also the fact that tube amp have a way of dying without a speaker load. How do you reckon?
  3. He wrote and orchestated all the music, but didn't play all instruments himself. I was thinking about making this thread a few days back, but thought I'd wait until it was officially out... guess I was beaten to it! I love the album, it stands out as a completely separate entity in his body of work (besides the Dead Weather-tonality of Freedom at 21 and some songs that sorta have a Raconteurs-vibe to them). My favourite tracks right now are Weep Themselves To Sleep (great use of panning and rhythm in the solo!), Blunderbuss (love that pedal steel), I Guess I Should Go To Sleep... heck, I like all of it! Sorry for any spelling errors, wrote this post on the phone.
  4. Great pedal board, seems like it has all the essentials on it. I have an absolutely stuffed PT Nano, should've probably gotten a Mini, but I like how this holds me back and makes room for only four absolutely necessary pedals.
  5. EDIT: Oops, just saw that zigzag already linked to synesthesia This phenomenon is known as synesthesia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Synesthesia#Sound_.E2.86.92_color_synesthesia) and it turns out that quite a lot of people have it. I don't really see a colour appear when i hear a note, but always can tell what colour I think the note is related to momentarily. What I experience is probably not real synesthesia, rather just a different way of expressing the artistic thoughts us artists have (painters, musicians etc.). I find it easier to find the perfect chord if someone tells me to play something purple, rather than a specific chord. Oh, and maybe I ought to add my own interpretation: C - yellow D - light brown E - red F - orange G - yellow A - mellow blue, a bit like the Gibson logo in the background of the forums B - purple Funny how much we seem to differ in our opinions...
  6. Fantastic guitar! Gretsch make so darn classy guitars, and this one is no exception. Gah, GAS... <_<
  7. I think it's a really neat song that definitely grows on you the more you listen. Especially the clarinet hook, didn't see that coming! Then again, I'm a huge White fan so he could probably release a Metal Machine Music-style single with me still liking it... Also, for those of you who find this single too mellow, he said himself that it's not very indicative for the rest of the album. Make of that what you will. Most exciting part though? *Extensive* world tour! :D
  8. Kiwi


    Thanks! It's been tough, but I had to give in to my own rationality and realise that more guitars are more fun. The pickups aren't P90s though, but they sure look like them. They're actually really widely wound single coils. A Twin Reverb is actually on my to-do list, sooner or later...
  9. Kiwi


    It's probably too soon to tell somewhat objectively, but I'm digging them thus far. I haven't felt any need to urgently change them yet anyway. The rhythm circuit (a special, 250K pot neck pickup-only circuit which you activate with a small switch, for those who didn't already know) sounds a bit dull though, but it might be an EQ-issue. I'll try using it more thoroughly this weekend at band practice, where I have a Fender SS amp (with EQ) that actually sounds surpisingly good. The regular pickup settings sound good on my Valve Junior, though.
  10. Kiwi


    I'm actually not too keen on the Jagur, don't really know why. I'm guessing it's the scale lenght, as it pretty much looks like a Jazzmaster. The Jazzmaster and SG combo sure is nice though, they complement each other really well as I said earlier
  11. Kiwi


    Really? That never crossed my mind... was surf music considered uncool when Hendrix came along? That's the only reason to hate surf music I could fathom, because who really dislikes surf? Thanks! I was going to buy a sunburst at first, but this one kind of caught my eye and was a breeze to play.
  12. Kiwi


    I guess it's not like Tufnel's Les Paul, but still slightly longer than the SG. Seeing as each guitar is an individual when it comes to sustain, broadly speaking I'd say it's somewhere inbetween an SG and a Les Paul, if that makes sense? Thanks BigKahune!
  13. Kiwi


    Yeah, I guess that IS kind of funny... but it doesn't change the fact that this guitar really does everything from surf, to Hendrix and whatever there is inbetween. The neck pickup in particular gets this Stratty Hendrix tone, albeit with some more percussion, and the bridge really gets the sound of those surf classics when you crank up the reverb.
  14. Kiwi


    For a long while I thought one guitar would suffice, but when GAS strikes there's not much you can do. Here's my new Fender Jazzmaster with my SG: This guitar is great, it really neatly covers the bases that my SG just can't (such as surf and Hendrix-y sounds in general). The SG, on the other hand, covers everything from hard-ish blues to rock. Now I guess I need a hollow body too, but that'll have to wait another five years I guess
  15. That's way cool, I need to practise my tuning accuracy...
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