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  1. Here you are 2011 Lp Jr Special P90 exclusive <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< nice
  2. I have a 2011 LP Jr Special exclusive with P90s ITs great You like it Wanna buy it ?
  3. Watch out for your guitar at gigs watch out for expensive
  4. open tuning am9 ? just lift the c ( first finger ) off the b string and voila ! Everybody gets one the first is always free Regards
  5. Bring it back and ask them to set it up Bring or show an example of a guitar that plays and feels like you like it to play and feel Always try to play and test a guitar repair before you leave the shop
  6. Pip - it IS FRIGGIN HEAVY !, while it may in fact have a few swiss cheese holes inside The spec on the website is what I questioned. If it IS IN FACT swiss cheese weight relief, it doesn't feel like it is I thought a traditionsl(Pro) would be solid, but alas I must be mistaken Maybe after a few more years of drying out in the FL sun it may relive a few ounces ! THanks for all that info Checking walmart later - thanks gunner Moparguy - that is my exact guitar, mine having a hint of birdseye toward the controls ( I used to be a Moparguy too !) THanks everyone Sincerely, Losing weight !
  7. Thats what I thought The bathroom scale trick is what I did and its off by 4 lbs at least I think when it shipped to me it was 14 lb box, maybe 18 THe Jr box was 14 and the Trad box was 18 ( I thinks ) For sure this thing has no weight relief after a couple days of hanging this around my neck, my lower back is achy I use a 2.5" leather padded strap- very nice and expensive as far as straps go So where can I go to measure the actual weight of this thing ? Where do I get one of those luggage scales?
  8. So I had to weigh my TradPro The scale said 5.58 It feels heavier, but it jives with what is in the specs online I also read here in the specs the body is weight relieved ? http://www2.gibson.com/Products/Electric-Guitars/Les-Paul/Gibson-USA/Les-Paul-Traditional-Pro.aspx "Tonal Characteristics The mahogany body of the Les Paul Traditional Pro cranks out tone that is somewhat soft, but extremely well-balanced, with good grind and bite. It has the potential for good depth, with full (though not super-tight) lows, velvety highs and a slightly compressed response. Its maple cap adds snap, sizzle and sustain. And like a number of Gibsons, the Les Paul’s interior has weight relief cavities, which gives you a guitar that is louder acoustically and features increased sustain and resonance." Really ? Is it ? It feels like 10 pounds to me !
  9. I LOVE my Trad Pro Whats yours weigh ? I had mine on a scale and it said 5.58 lbs Definitely feels heavier than that ! Nice color
  10. FWIW I have already been to evilBay and am quite disheartened to find the prices goes around 16-1700 for sunbursts I dont wanna sell mine for a loss I dont wanna sell mine all of a sudden Your thoughts ? KERRRAaNnGGGGggg!
  11. Dudes Off with the plek stickers, pronto Its tacky My favorites are the plain top Pros
  12. What seems to be a fair getting price for a MINT 2009 Cherry Burst LP Traditional Pro these days? Doesn't anyone like plain tops like I do ? They're less likely to be swiped from the stand at a gig !
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